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I removed the gearbox, cause first gear dissapeared, or was very difficult to get it. 
I checked the linkage setup, was ok. 

I found more than 2 liters, don't know how it's possible to fill up with so much oil as when it's full oil is dropping from the filling plug. Well, it's leaking from everywhere, top cover (no gasket but pasta. Leaks from the 3 o'rings (1/2 3/4 et reverse gears).
Disconnect front and back  and as well no gasket.

The V gate (think it's the right name) for the 1st and 2nd gear is used, I mean the V gate is not engage properly the gears. Is it possible to find this piece somewhere?

[Image: IMG_20180722_204436_1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20180722_204459_1.jpg]

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Hard to tell from the picture but, you be talking about the shift lever and cam. http://4speedtoploaders.com/shopsite_sc/...hafts.html David Kee has every part for a top loader and good to deal with. Chuck
Did the nut on the arm loosen up? You should be able to pull it out enough for the shaft to engage with the hole in the shift lever.

If it's leaking everywhere, ad you're having a hard time engaging first gear, it's probably time for a rebuild.

Oh yes it's time for a rebuilt. About the shift lever, the hole is worn, so could not engage properly specially the 1st gear.
Now I have a new friend who help me to do this rebuild. Mister Paul Cangialosi and his book Smile.

[Image: IMG_20180726_084511.jpg]

Following his instructions, all is fine to disassemble all the tranny.
And let's see what I found, or not:

First of all, with a magnet, just with the top cover open, I found some piece of metal, bad sign.

One piece of snap ring, and found out from where it comes.

[Image: IMG_20180725_223731.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20180726_075307.jpg]

Then during the tear down, I saw that one pin is missing. From the 3rd 4th rail it should be an interlock pin, and this pin was not there. Is it possible that that pin was removed by itself then was exploded in the tranny?

[Image: IMG_20180726_075452.jpg]

I need a rebuild kit, any suggestions would be appreciated,

Thank you.

Mustang, beer and rock'nroll
Looks like lots of abuse there for sure.
This guy is local to me and has been doing Ford 4 speeds for longer than anyone out there. He has all the parts and knowledge and will help.
He will need the information off the tag on the right side of the case. Should be a sheet metal tag with one push rivet in it. Also has a partial VIN# usually. Here is a picture of one in a 1964 1/2 Mustang. Is this on the Mexican car? Might be some differences there also.
Sounds like someone filled the case really full to hide noise and issues then put in car if filled above the plug. You might need a lot of parts.

[Image: DSC_2140.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
That's the Toploader from the mexican Mach 1, there is no tag, but it looks the same as a "normal" Toploader.
Anyway I contact your guy and will see what he says.
Thanks Smile

Mustang, beer and rock'nroll
The interlock pin comes out the top of the case under the cover. There is a set screw and a spring. Doubt it could make it's way into the trans, unless dropped.

Don't know of any suppliers in Europe, But Dan Williams and David Kee will have any and every part you may need.



So, after investigation, I know now that Mexican Toploaders (in this case '73 Sprint Mach1), could be equipped with rails from 69/70's models ( found interesting informations on FORDMUSCLEFORUMS, thanks to Dennis111). We still have a lot of things to discover about our Mustangs.

If I refer to David Kee site http://www.davidkeetoploaders.com/shiftrailid.htm I need interlock pin from 4 or 5 kit, looks like the 5.

Is it possible that they forget this pin during the last rebuilt? What can happen and how react the tranny without this interlock pin?

[Image: IMG_20180728_180611.jpg]

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The interlock pin was to keep the transmission in one gear and one gear only. If it's missing, you "could" potentially put it into two gears at the same time.

(07-29-2018, 06:35 AM)Hemikiller Wrote: The interlock pin was to keep the transmission in one gear and one gear only. If it's missing, you "could" potentially put it into two gears at the same time.

ok. And it could be as well why sometimes the shifter was totally stuck.

Mustang, beer and rock'nroll
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