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Top Gear got thrown out of Argentina
Not a fan of Top Gear. They suck as far as I am concerned as far as car shows go but I saw this in the news. 1st link is Jalopnik Story about them getting thrown out and second shows cars they left.


Pull up the link and what do I see but some off road 7173 that they abandoned on the way out before the got lynched.


i like top gear, you just need to understand the humor Tongue

awe now the new UK season is going to get pushed back into mid 2015 Sad (top gear USA is garbage.)

i hope they air the Argentina trip with the footage they have that would be epic.
Well, there is another country I won't set foot in.

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72HCODE;198521 Wrote:i like top gear, you just need to understand the humor Tongue

awe now the new UK season is going to get pushed back into mid 2015 Sad (top gear USA is garbage.)

i hope they air the Argentina trip with the footage they have that would be epic.

I have no problems enjoying good British humor. Jeremy most often times though is nothing short of an offensive douche most of the time.
that is because he is the perfect lead foot idiot Smile, Adam Ferrara is the same on the usa version.
Clarkson is a master troll as well Big Grin.

James may attacked him with a machete Big Grin
[Image: machete2.jpg]

i remember way back i got offended with some comments he made about America, but i didn't care hahahaa
I love the British show. The US show is not very good, though.

Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was "this is going to be a great episode!"
it appears from the photos from different articles that a couple of things happened.

First the Porsche clarkson had was reg with plates from 2001 that read "H982 FLK" when they first started filming that plate was on the car.
the car had a previous reg plate as well. so when somebody took notice of the new plate they raised a stink and swapped to the old reg plate for the porsche.
It appeared they filmed enough of the episode that they got to modify the cars.

in the older photos you can see the green sport roof appeared to be a 71 or 72 really hard to tell, but it didn't look like a 73 from the blurry photo i could find, and it was normal looking sportroof. during production hammond had modified the car with more ground clearance, roll bar, roof lights and cage, gutted the trunk and made it into a jungle pickup.
the other cars also had been modified with additional spot lights for night driving, that was shown in the photos of when they abandoned the cars as the riot happened.

oh man they have to show this episode right up to when they had no more footage it will be hilarious.
I go out of my way to watch the show. Whoever put the three of them together is a comedic genius.
here's the car they started with. What a shame.


[Image: Top-Gear-Argentina-2.jpg]

[Image: article-2779236-21EA9CE200000578-91_634x422.jpg]

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Creating controversy and hubub makes for self perpetuating marketing energy.

As the blokes say... "Brilliant!".

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