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Top Gear flash games
bored? Top Gear flash games crack me up...Some of them pretty good...I registered it with my facebook and you get topgear points and such for finishing the games...Pretty cheese..But fun and funny at times...I did get number one spot on the caravan jump today thou...lol..but i got beatWink hehe see how good you all can do

How diod you get a good score with the rockets?
mweeps;86616 Wrote:How diod you get a good score with the rockets?

I dont use the rockets till i get right up too the ramp my self...i hold it dow right off the ramp seemed to get the most...some times i try before it..lol.thats in the supercar...the budget one..its a bit diffrent.....and i noticed you seem to get alot of air if you stick to the left side of the ramp....and no time limit...so go clear your path to the ramp..then drive back and make a clean run...I only been playing it for a day thou...they got some fun little games for flash...Be fun on a cell phone too..the tank topgear one is funny and fun too.
I will have to try that!
mweeps;86647 Wrote:I will have to try that!

oppss..sorry..high jump is when i use the rockets on the ramp...but supercar caravan jump...i use the boosters while in the air.
I just did the jet challenge got through all three levels.
mweeps;86661 Wrote:I just did the jet challenge got through all three levels.

lol..that one is fun too..the tank one has tons of levels.....for a cheesy flash game i like them..lol
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