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Tips and tricks........
Ok fella's, here's one we all need to throw our ideas to. Maybe even make it a sticky.

Got a better way to remove something? Got a home-made tool to get the job done easier? Forgot how to do those "simple things" you were taught in shop class? You saw something on another forum that would work for our cars? Let's bring some things to our board!

Here's one I saw elsewhere..

Overnight rust/paint removal. It can be done with great results!

If your grinding, wire wheeling, scraping and sanding to remove rust then your wasting your time, especially with a car that has a lot of rust. The best method for removing rust I have found is this chemical process. I'm not talking about auto part store bottles of rust remover that take 500 applications or aircraft strippers that take a weeks worth of time to work.

For this job your going to need 4 products. Most of which can be found at your local hardware store. Muratic acid, paint remover, and acetone. The 4th is ospho (phosphoric acid)
I'm currently writing and transfering the article. It's a bit winded. Till then, here's a quick before and after.

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I cant wait to read it. How long did it take to strip whats in the photo?

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
When the chemicals are applied in the proper order, the process happens overnight is what it said when working on small areas. He wanted to be thorough and document all steps with photos, so I think it may have been over a weekend. But at the end of the weekend, the floor and engine bay were in primer and ready for paint. Here's the floorpans.....

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My, my but that is certainly something to look into based on your post and the pictures.

I, too, am looking forward to reading the article and testing the procedure.

Very good input, MACHSPORT 72 - - THANKS for sharing!!

Big Grin if you guys like the article rep me!!!!
Where's the article again? I think I might be needing this process... if only just to help me identify which parts I'll be needing to replace. LMAO!!


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Hey MachSport72 -

I'll be happy to rep you TWICE if you can post the article or point us in the right direction. Smile



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Agreed. Where is the info on this? I have a trunk that needs this asap!

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Did this ever get posted? Confused
I don't think so...I have been watching for it.

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