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time's up!
been putting it off for too long. despite my original paint in good condition and low mileage there was some minor damage at some point in my car's life. looks like somebody lowered the lift and forgot to move a jack or a can or something and the trunk well on the drivers side had been dented upward. well i was cleaning out the trunk area and noticed some light...pushed on it and crunch. 2" rust hole opened up. Add in the bubbles in drivers fender near the door and i have to get this thing to a metal man. Can anyone vouch for a top notch metal and paint shop in the North East? I have considered sending my car to MustangsCentral in GA but read that a guy had complaints of lost parts. Any suggestions? Looking for real body artists, not bondo work. thanks!
Scott is your man...PM QCODE351MACH if he can't do it for you he will know someone in the area
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