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Tilt Steering Column for a '71
Hi guys, looking for a tilt steering column for a '71.  I also posted an ad in the "wanted to buy" section.  I believe there was only one PN for the tilt column and it was common from 71-73.  I also believe Cougars from the same years used the same column.  Can anyone confirm if what I have stated above is correct and also if you have or know of one that you're willing to part with?  


Hens teeth my man....I had one years ago that I squirreled away for my project but it got stolen out of my garage....Very hard to find in usable condition. Yes, the cougar ones are the same. The biggest problem, other than finding them, is that there are many different wiring configuration for them and they take a specific rag joint...Good luck. I sure with I had on in mine!
I have a nice one i would be willing to sell. Shoot me a PM

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