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Tight Steering
I have been putting back my interior and today put in the driver seat so thought I would take her out for a quickie.  Steering feels very tight, is it possible that could be caused by me putting back the steering column to tight (I dropped it down to take out the gauge cluster.  I also put back on the crappy Grant steering wheel as well and tightened that down.  Could either one of these cause the tight steering feel, I don't recall it feeling like that when I parked it?
Did you rebuilt the pump? There is a procedure to check the pressure I noticed in the Ford manual. It should be easy to turn if PS.
Since the column is two pieces that slide in each other to allow it to telescope in a crash do not see a bind coming from how you bolted it up. 
Maybe look at the rag joint and see if it is distorted, like column mount too low or too high.

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I know my PS pump leaks a tad and I just checked it, need to add some fluid. When I complete the interior I will move onto the engine bay and pull the pump for rebuild.
was the steering ok before u took all apart ?? might be the grant wheel was tightened to much.. don't know.. but if it was ok before then something changed of course.
yes, it was not as tight. Think I will back off the screws just a bit and also add some PS fluid
well it turned out to be this Grant wheel post cover (black) up was too tight against the adapter hub so I put a washer between it and the adapter hub and all is well.

[Image: grand-wheel-hub-001.jpg]
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