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Thumbs up to Daniel Carpenter parts
While doing the clean up of my Mach 1 couple of areas that really needed attention was any aluminum trim on the car.
The aluminum strips for the vinyl roof, front and rear windscreens, tail lights and roof rails.
The window trim came off easy enough with the correct trim removal tool. After polish went back on both front and rear in probably 3 minutes, just pushed down at each clip with thumb and snapped right back on.
Now the tail lights as you know have the aluminum trim heat sealed and has goo all over them. I am pressed for time so I got on ebay and bought another pair of the Daniel Carpenter repo lens and aluminum frames. He sells direct to public on his ebay reject store. I have bought a couple sets of these in the past and they are perfect match to original. The reject in the past was that the aluminum had come loose from the plastic or had small spots of glue on lens that cleans off.
So I ordered a pair and when the box came only had one and not packing slip. So I got on ebay and sent a message and in a couple days another box shows up but the lens had got broke in the box, Undecided . They had called and left me a message telling me they had sent another and apologized for the error. So I called them up and told them it was broke. They did not ask for pictures or for the damaged one to be returned. I got the new one today and I just called yesterday and can find no fault at all with this one.
Now to get the aluminum roof rail trim off you have to remove the rubber. You could probably spend days and peel and cut off the original but I do not have time. I checked with NPD and their seals were made by Carpenter in Charlotte not China. I ordered a pair and they are exact match so well pleased with that. Will get some pics.
So if you need tail lights or roof rails the Carpenter repos for them are great. I left camera in garage I will add some pics later.

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