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Throttle Cable/Accelerator Pedal

Well the engine break in and steering box rebuild went well (except for dropping on my toe)!

I have the wrong cable/pedal (or both) in the 1971 Boss 351 so I'm reaching out to you guys for what you know.

I know that the cable changed for 1973, the one I have in the car (though green) has a "funky" end inside the car.   (it's not the clivis pin/cotter style used on the 1971.   I don't know if that is because the pedal changed too!   (I got my car in boxes last year)

If you think I used the wrong parts, let me know.   I have an NOS 71 cable and "might" have a different pedal.  I choose what I"m using because this pedal had a good spring and chrome trim.   Did I make a mistake?

Mark, Ford snuck one in on a bunch of us with this change. The D1ZZ-9725-A pedal was used through 6/18/72. From 6/19/72 the D3ZZ-9725-A pedal was used. The difference was how the cable attached to the gas pedal. The 71 and 72 (before 6/19/72) used an eyelet with a pin and a clip. 72's from 6/19/72 and 73's used a plastic snap in bushing.
I would try Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply or Mike @ Motor City Mustang.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Thanks Steve

I will get my parts out and see what I have (Have to buy)

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