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Thought I found some community
Who thinks this place is of current use?

To be clear, I'm glad this site is here, because at least I can search for help with this beast, among the other places I can find help when I need it, but asking current questions produces ZIP all for someone who's not already here. Unimpressed.

I'll be selling the Mustang I'm working on, and later the absolutely perfect condition red and white survivor 73 convertible I will be restoring to running and show condition, but belonging to this community? What's the point? Too bad. I'll search here and elsewhere when I need to, but won't post questions or ask for any help, because for whatever reason, there's no immediate and relevant conversation available here unless you're one of the recognizable members, apparently. You can shut down my userID. It's of zero use to even bother. Irrelevant posts don't help. There's no use trying to actually ask questions or talk to anyone. You should see what it's like on other mutual interest car sites... WAY better. This forum? Meh. Thanks for the archives though. I'm out of here. Have fun.
Sorry you feel that way. I personally help in any way I can, if I know the answer I speak up, if I don't, I shut up. Although sometime I do voice an opinion and state so. I have seen a lot of questions answered correctly, politely, and without a bunch of bickering. Sometimes we get busy and like my self have not spent a lot of time on the site to answer questions (summertime workloads are a pain) but, I guarantee you will get the right answer if you just have patience. Sure hate to see you go.
Whoa , take a chill pill dude . You might ask a question and a 100 people may read , but not have the answer . It's summer , we are all busy , some may not be on the site for a spell. As far as helpful , you can't find a better site . Be patient and as soon as someone reads your post with an answer most are happy to be helpful.

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Impatience and antagonism towards like-minded enthusiasts when you need help is a sure-fire way to get no help from anyone ever.
Your questions may not have been any that had relevent answers from anyone here.
There is a ton of useful info available on this site, but not evsry member sits around 24-7 waiting to answer tech questions.
Good luck.
"We are very sorry that our free 24/7 tech support line was not immediately available via Live Chat to give you an infallible diagnosis and complete repair procedure.

Please hold for the next available representative. You are caller 3,209 in line."


Humor aside, we are a small group that reply out of the goodness of our hearts. Not always is there someone to jump on your question and answer it, such as your vacuum advance thread (which has yet to be replied to in 6 days). Had you considered bumping it up for help? Most of us read the "New Posts" or "Unread Posts" listed above, and may miss such a thread as a result.


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Yeah you guys are right. I work on many different cars other than these Mustangs, and I guess I'm kind of spoiled by the size of the communities, and the availability of help I've gotten there. It didn't really occur to me that this is really a pretty small community, compared to VWs, Rat Rods, Volvos etc., I apologize for my impatience and unrealistic expectations. If that means I will never get any help, well, that's on me after my bitchy little rant. My bad. Thanks for whatever help I can get, and I understand why many wouldn't piss on the fire if I was burning after that. Bad day, I guess. Frickin' wheel nearly fell off on a test drive because I forgot to torque it. Idiocy. I do appreciate the warm welcome I got on arrival. Sorry guys. I'm not as much of a d**k as that seemed.
i ask a lot of questions some may seem stupid to some.but i do get a lot of needed help on things.i for one am very grateful for this sight.and i thank all who give their time and knowledge about our cars. and some times its just for fun .sometimes they share a small part of their life with others i don't think its a bad thing.71-73 mustangs r in a niche of their own,
Dear Mr. Brown 55:
Please find it in your heart to forgive me for not responding to your requests with lightning fast efficiency. It's just that I have to work 65 hours a week to support my family and my Mustang habits.

It pains me to know that I didn't live up to your expectations, and I can certainly understand why you would want to leave this sight and find a better crowd to run with,(except of course, for all of the knowledge posted here that is at your fingertips 24 hours a day).

If you would like to pay my mortgage and utilities, I would be overjoyed to man my computer 23 hours a day to answer any question you have. I would request 1 hour a day for bathroom breaks. (if you could find it in your heart).

I'll be patiently waiting for your reply.



- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
I've had a bad couple of days. Sorry. Bite me, Travis. Wink
JimBrown55;186522 Wrote:I've had a bad couple of days. Sorry. Bite me, Travis. Wink

I'm glad you found the humor in my post. This is an awesome site, and people here love to share information. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.

Sorry you had a bad couple of days. It will all get better.


- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
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