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This one takes the cake A T code with a chevy engine
LOL, the B2 site wrong - again....

Pay careful attention to that VIN, bet some "enterprising" individual will find a way to "restore" it.

Lol   Hemikiller. Since our 71-73's don't qualify as real Mustangs according to the 65-70 Club, they probably figured we would never know the difference anyway!!
Yep, the Vin off a car such as this one, with no hope of ever being restored to any form of its former glory concerns me. This Vin will probably show up one day at Barrett Jackson as a original owner ,garage kept show queen worth a King's ransom.
I'm sure you have seen the same thing on Graveyard Carz on Velocity. They bring in something that looks like it fell off a cliff and was left to the elements for 50 years. After replacing everything but the Vin plate....and now with a wave of the magic wand, we have a brand new whatever ready for the big bucks at Barrett Jackson.
Wish there was some way to track these "Desirable" Vins from cars that are beyond any reasonable chance of ever being restored.
Just like a GM friend of mine who restores cars told me, with all the fake vins and Vin switching going on, there are more Z-28's and SS Chevelles on the road now than GM ever built!


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
BTW guys I did not find this Scotty Stickland the guy with Mustang junk yard sent me the link. He love 69 &70 cars has a bunch of them.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
It's been on eBay a couple times from the links I found, starting last fall.

Steve - so true. They poo-pooed the 71-73s for decades, until the "Boss" name became too hard to resist. Then they figured out the B351 was a better all around car.

"The car is on a 1957 Chevy full frame." This I would love to see pictures of. Wow. Well no need for subframe connectors now. lol
They could make more off the book "How to turn a $50,000 car in to a $5,000 car in 10 easy steps.

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