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This looks like a pretty good deal

Salt Lake city DSO, fold down, Back Mach I interior, my favorite color, Bright Lime! This one deserves to be restored. I bet he'll take less for the car. Too bad it's not a Q code. Or an R code. No a/c. Might make a good donor car for someone with a rusty Bright Lime R or Q code beyond repair. It's worth $2,000 in parts IMO.

1F03M, Maroon Metallic, Black Dlx, Black Top, A/C, Tach, Posi, Magnums
1F03M, Grabber Lime, White, White Tp, A/C, CA Car
1F03M, Maroon Metallic, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, PW
1F03M, Black, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Tach, Posi
1F03M, Pewter, Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, A/C, R/A, Tach, Mgnms
1F03M, Bright Blue, Blue Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, Decor Grp
2F03R, Grabber Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Dcr Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03R, Bright Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Dcr Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03Q, Red, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, Rim Blow, A/C, Tach, Conv. Grp, Dcr Grp, Side Stripes, Mgnms,PW
2F03Q, Red, Red Dlx, Blk Tp, Rim Blow, A/C, Tach
2F03Q, Bright Lime (Orig. Gold Glow), Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, A/C, P/W, Tilt, Conv. Grp, Dcr Grp
2F03Q, Grabber Blue, Wht Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, A/C, Dcr Grp, Stripes, Mgnms, PW
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Blk Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes,Tu-Tone Hood, Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Blue Glow, Blue Dlx, Wht Tp, 4-Spd, A/C, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T Hood, Frgd Whls, PW
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Ginger Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T hood, Frgd Whls 
3F03Q, Copper Metallic, Ginger Dlx, Blk Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Dcr Grp, Stripes, T-T Hood, Frgd Whls
And 8 more verts, 2 Boss 351s and 1 M-code Mach I's! Tongue 
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