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This is getting to be embarrassing
I have never driven a car that got as much attention as my 73 vert. I have owned and driven a 66 GT350H and a 68 Gt500 and neither one of those cars garned the attention that this old 73 has. I use it as my daily driver and I can't pull up to a red light or stop sign without comments. When I first bought the car 3 years ago for my wife, I was not impressed with the appearance or the performance and especially the some what "cluttered" engine bay compared to earlier Mustangs. That being said, I can't go anywhere without the car drawing stares and comments, both from older folks like me and younger generations. For example, to day was nice in Mobile, AL and with the top down, my wife and I went to Costco. I dropped her off at the front door and parked to wait for her to run in for a few things. Let me preface this that at a red light just before the turn in to Costco a police cruiser pulled up next to me and announced over his loudspeaker " Thats a really nice ride that you have there, if it wasn't so pretty I would have already pulled you over for an expired tag!" My tag expired in Feb.. While waiting for my wife, 1 guy came by and asked if he could take pictures of the car, 2 others came up and asked if I wanted to sell it. Numerous others walked by looking at the car. It has been that way since I started using it as a daily driver. All generations love it. I've had people in Mercedes at red lights roll their windows down and ask me what it was and comment on how cool it was and also kids in jacked-up 4-wheel drive mud trucks. I have to admit that the car is pretty and sounds good. I guess my observation is that contrary to what some people think, If my car gets this kind of attention EVERY time I drive it, values are bound to increase in the near future.
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I have the same type of thing occur with my Grabber Green '71 Mach 1 429 CJ-R. On the last drive I took last September or October, some guy in a Mercedes was trying to get beside me where two lanes merge approaching a stoplight. I wasn't going fast or anything and I thought he just wanted to get ahead of me at the light. Then he crawled up between my car and the curb on the narrow shoulder and I was kind of pissed. It was an older Indian guy and his wife, both well-dressed and he put his window down. He quickly said he had a '73 when he was younger and asked if I wanted to trade him for his '66 Fastback, or something like that. My car is kind of loud to hear someone beside me. Wink I said I appreciate it but no thanks, and that I really enjoy driving the '71. Then I let him pull out ahead of me at the light. I don't think his wife was too thrilled but the guy was overjoyed to see the '71. I have also had people come up to me at the gas pumps and chat, and this is not common where I live (eastern PA). Most people keep their head down and don't make eye contact during a mundane task such as filling up. I had a guy walk clear across the station lot to chat about the car once. A few people at the gas pumps have thought the car was really customized with the paint treatment, the ram air, hood locks, stripes, wheels, and they are a bit surprised when told it is the factory appearance. Anyway, I sure don't mind it but it can take you by surprise if you're used to just blending in otherwise. People are really starved for old school attractively-styled cars these days, when everything else looks like a rolling jelly bean. And many of the modern performance cars look like some version of the Batmobile from the movies.
Money cant buy you that kind of happiness. For me when that key turns and that engine roars into life the smile goes from ear to ear. Priceless

1971 Grandé
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LOL, I was getting some ethanol free fuel at the local station 1 mile from my home. Several took pictures and one asked what year Challenger it was, lol. Guy behind cash register told him it was a 73 Mustang and everyone around laughed.
I always get a trophy at show usually only one there.
Mine is yellow with white interior and black top with decor group. Sort of beat up due to PO using the car to pile stuff on for 25 years. But it is original.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
It's just a badass body style, from back when stylists ruled rather than wind tunnels. Although a little of the wind tunnel work was creeping in, but not for the purpose of fuel economy. The nose of the '71 to '73 Mustang droops down a little just like the Ford Torino Talladega model. The styling stands in stark contrast to modern-day offerings. Think back to 70 - 71, everything was getting longer, lower, wider. 70 1/2 Camaro and Firebird, various Mopar offerings, the Torino, and so on. So when people call the '71 to '73 Mustang "Clydesdale" and other names, well that was the styling direction all of the manufacturers were headed in. And these models were planned when the end of the original musclecar era was still not foreseen.
My car is badly in need of paint and body work, mechanically sound.
Still draws a lot of attention. Get notes left on my windshield, people
give me business cards if I ever want to sell; no. I have owned several
cars and none ever got this kind of attention


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
I got pulled over several times by German Polizei so they could see my 71 up close and they asked me to pop the hood LOL!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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