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Thinking of buying this 429 Super Cobra Jet
Hi All,

Am thinking of getting back into 71-73 ownership, as I miss my old 72 bad.

This 71 429 SCJ is for sale and the Sellers is interested in a p/x with my Lotus.

Would be grateful to know what you think of it?



Pics are kind of small, but nothing glaring sticks out to me. Very nicely optioned car too.

Until one has pictures of the engine bay, underside and trunk, I'd hold off. It could be a rust bucket with lots of bondo, a really nice paint job, and a 302 engine that has been transplanted.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
If it is really what they say it is which is not often then could be a great car and investment
As others have stated do your due diligence
I'm especially wary of any vehicle that has "fresh paint" as to what lies underneath especially rust
If you can inspect the car and inquire as to who painted it or even better take someone along who has experience in body repairs
Better to pay an expert a few quid than blindly buy a vehicle that will start rusting through new paint in a year or two
Thanks for the advice. That fact it’s been in the UK for 47 years rings alarm bells too. Most UK cars of that age have hidden rot or have had serious restoration work done. My previous 72 Mustang had been in the UK all it’s life and had major restoration carried out.
There are more pics available on the dealer's site:


So it's around $47.5K USD which seems like a fair dealer price if everything checks out. IMO not enough of these ever get to market (it is a rare car) in order to establish a solid price range. The engine bay looks good- I just went out to the garage to compare it to my 429 CJ-R. Wink The car doesn't look over-restored and could be driven on the road without the fear of ruining a Concours restoration. Take along a paint thickness meter (get a good one) and a bunch of those magnetic business cards to stick around various places where the paint thickness meter reading is questionable. Or better yet, pay a pro to perform a full PPI on the car with it up on the lift as well. Make sure the power windows go up and down. Mine has them as well, first year for power windows on a Mustang. If the Marti report is available make sure that the color is the factory color, and the car wasn't changed to "resale red" for a quick sale. If the car checks out and you go ahead with the purchase you will have an absolute blast. Mine is a 4 speed but the C6 (there is some parasitic HP loss) should also be great behind that torque monster 429. The car has the lower body trim so it should not have the side stripes, but it is something that's seen all the time. Lack of front and rear spoiler is kind of a nice for a change, shows off the clean lines. End of an era- last big block V8 ever factory-installed in a Mustang.
yeah their skilled paint and decal guy obvious didn't know not to put on the side stripes or the mach 1 on the trunk lid. Happens to be very very similar to my 72, it wasn't all that common to get the décor group with the color matched bumper no chin and no spoiler or louvers. Mag 500's would have been a nice addition though. New carpets are nice but peek under them and also down into the cowl if there is rust it will be there. Speakers are added so not sure how much damage was done if any to the door panels, rim blow is nice, and that engine is FRIGGIN SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your comments. Is this car the C Code 429 Cobra Jet, not the J Code 429 Super Cobra Jet? Was hoping it was the latter.

I spoke to the seller today. He said you can leave these cars for a year and when you come to start them, they'll start first time. Also said it's had no welding. Sounds like a load of sales talk to me.
Hope it's a nice car and you buy it, would be great to have you back in 71-73 Mustang! I knew you would miss your 72 vert.  Cool

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Mark, it could still be the car with the engine you desire. "C" code is the 429 with out Ram Air and the  "J" code is the same engine but WITH Ram Air. What made the 429 a Super Cobra Jet was the Drag Pack option which was available with either "C" or "J" engine codes. Without going into a lot of detail on under hood components, the easiest way to check is to look for differential codes "V" (3.91:1) or "Y" (4.11:1) which were available only in the Drag Pack option for the  71 429 Mustang. (3.91 gear was standard on the 71-72 "R" code Stangs)
Looks to be a nice car to get yourself back into the Mustang world. As others have already posted, I would take a very close look at the undercarriage and other areas where shiny paint has been known to hide rust and body filler. Hope it works out for you. And...you know your always welcome here whether you own a 71-73 or not!!   Smile


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