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Thinking about selling my 72.
I dont have to sell it and I'm not 100% sure I want to sale it but it needs more time and money than I have or want to spend.  I'm thinking about taking the money I get out of it and putting it towards a finished or nearly finished car.  Below is a link to my car on craigslist.  What do you think of it and the price.  I do have an offer on the table for $500 less than what I listed it for and he says it is as high as he will go.  
I've had a lot of interest on the car but only 1 offer so far.  I have only had it listed a week.  


1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
"We confide in our strength, without boasting of it; we respect that of others, without fearing it."--Thomas Jefferson

Can't see anything. Url gives error.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress

1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
"We confide in our strength, without boasting of it; we respect that of others, without fearing it."--Thomas Jefferson

IF I were in the market for a project Q code 4 speed I'd be in for the money even though no engine pics. I'd still want to come see it first as I did with my 71 M code 4 speed, flew to LA for the weekend!
All the best with the sale and don't take first offer. Just my humble opinion!

I learn something new every day!
In your craiglist write up, you state that the car ran before you removed carb & intake. My suggestion would be to reinstall both and get it running. In my opinion a running car is easier to sell and usually brings more money. Other than that, I believe your price is fair, maybe even a little low being a 4 speed, Q code.

I agree with Mac.  Maybe during the course of getting back into running order, you might re-kindle your desire to keep it for yourself.

If it were running, I'd run the price upward of $10K and go from there.  It looks like a solid car and well worth that kind of money [running], especially since it's a Q-Code.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
My thoughts exactly. Get it running, stick the interior back in it. That's a weekend or two project. Always easier to sell a "complete" car than a partially disassembled project.

Heck, if it runs and drives, do the necessary safety items and just drive the thing. Who cares if it has surface rust - just enjoy it for what it is. Throw a coat of rattle can primer over what you sanded. I daily drove cars that were in 10x worse condition.

You're going to spend $20k + for something is sorta restored. I've always been on the "devil you know" side when it comes to changing projects.

I think I will install the intake and carb and get it running again. I don't have most of the interior but did rebuild the dash including heater core and cleaned and painted all vent tubes. I may still sale it but maybe I will get more invigorated to work on it.
One of the reasons I was going to sale it is I wanted a 2018 GT. A friend of mine is telling me not to do that because it will never keep its value like the 72 will. He also thinks that the 71-73 body styles are going to be as desirable as 69 and 70's. I'm not so sure about that though.

1972 Mach 1 351 cj 4speed
"We confide in our strength, without boasting of it; we respect that of others, without fearing it."--Thomas Jefferson

I would sell the boat and pay someone to fix the stang, lol. You know what they say about the two best days of owning a boat.
I think the color of your car really pops when fresh paint and especially with the Decor Group which is not on the Marti??. Maybe that was part of the Mach 1 package that year.
Don't get too hung up on making it perfect either. That kills a lot of builds go in thinking it will be perfect and find out how much that takes and then all the wind goes out of your sails.
I think your price is low for a car not needing lots of cancer surgery. Just the 4 speed and all the pedals and such would be $1,500.
The Q code 72 vert I bought of cl was on there for 9 months and I was the first person to go look at it. It was a failed build and most people want a complete running and driving car. That is why he had little interest.
My son got a new 2018 GT mustang and what a rip off in my opinion. Ford could sell them for 1/2 the price and still make great money. There is way less labor in one today and Ford beats their suppliers to death on price getting reductions each year or they pull the work.
The new mustangs will never be a classic like the old. You could never afford to restore one of them the parts will be way out there in price. Keeping all the computer stuff working will one day be difficult. Just like reading a big floppy disc today is. The old mustangs are simple and easy to work on the new ones are not. Sure there will be people like Jackey Jones that puts brand new ones in a warehouse and keep them for 30 years but will it be worth anything?
Get it running take to the Autofair and the Mustang Owner's Museum where thousands of mustang lovers will see it first hand. Original cars are easier to sell because nothing is hidden under skimmed bondo and shiny paint.
You also have the 55 ann. coming up in Charlotte in April would be a great place to sell it. I had lots of interest in my 73 vert last year had several want to give me their cards if I wanted to sell. There is also the Spring Autofair at the Speedway the first week of April also lots of exposure there.

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I wish I found your car for that price over the one I ended up buying with plenty more rust and repairs needed!! Plus mine is an automatic and yours is a manual - even better! Also I'm guessing that was a pretty rare color choice so the numbers on the deluxe marti report would probably make this a rare car in general?

Stang Life!

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