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thinking about putting different buckets in my coupe any ideas?
As im getting real close to getting my stang back on the road im starting to think about getting some more comfortable seats than the stock ones. it would be really awesome if they reclined too, has anybody transplanted seats out of anything else? any ideas?


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My Mach 1 runs what I believe are Chrysler Cordoba seats. Sits a little higher on factory runners.

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I read on a forum about someone wanting to put seats from an 03 or 04 Mach 1 into their classic stang. All the power controls are built into the seat so just need to get power to it. They have the retro look and would probably look good in our cars. I'll try and find some pictures of our 04 seats.

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upload a photo on internet

i was thinking about new seats out of a new stang 2005 and newer and also try to use the console //// WOULD LOOK COOL
I like how the cordoba seats look in that car , but i really want to be able to recline the seats. im also thinking about stock seats out of a 94-04 mustang

Powered by Determination, Fueled by Ambition
I heard about some guys using seats from a Fiero they had them recovered with original material and used the speakers that were in the headrest.

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


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I bought a pair of Flofits years ago. They were set up to bolt right on, and they recline.
I put '98 GT leather interior in my '72 conv. Had to make a support for the rear seat bottom but it gave me a place to put the speakers and a rear courtesy light.

[Image: 1185_01_03_12_3_37_34.jpeg]

[Image: 1185_01_03_12_3_38_45.jpeg]
i just bought some sportsman pro car scat seats. i'm waiting for the adapter brackets to come in.
I'm putting in black leather seats from a 98 cobra. Getting help from "jeffdeq" on the mods required

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