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Things we hold onto, even if we're mostly dormant in the hobby
As a prior owner of 3F05H100003 and 1F05M135530 along with current owner of 2F01F149247 (factory pink coupe).  Due to life situation not being so great, I've been dormant. Even let my MCA Judging Status lapse long ago. 

I commented awhile ago on 3F05H100003 showing up for sale and debunked some of the claims the seller was making about the car. 

Even though I've been out for a decade, I'm still holding on to bits and pieces thinking 'one day.'  The one I'll get the most grief for is this: 

[Image: 15x7.jpg]
I'd bought the 15x7 Ford factory steel wheels in 2002 out of Minnesota.  Nice quality rings and caps came with the wheels. I also have a set of NOS rings as well in the boxes.  Haven't been able to even consider selling them as a Boss 351 with the proper rings and caps is something we should see more often. One day I will get my hands on one and I have the proper wheels for it.

Anyhow, a few other parts like a proper D2Z Motorcraft 71 flip down gas cap and a few other odds and sods still remain in storage.  For one day... one day.

2F0F149247 has been sitting for a decade.... waiting for life to turn.

These cars will always be on my mind no matter what.
If you ever want to part with the gas cap I have the perfect application...

Yes, I can relate... I bought my first Mustang in ‘79, a ‘71 green F Code Coupe. A few friends in the car one night heading to the hockey rink, I had a slight fender bender... Anyway, One of the parts I had to replace was the standard front grille. Went down to my local Ford dealer and laid out $106 of my hard earned and scarce... cash for a new grille. Car lasted another 6 months and before I scrapped it, I removed the grille. For the next 37 year’s it basically sat in my basement, no real plans for it... Then, in 2015, I purchased this ‘71 J Code Vert, very few options otherwise. The front grille I purchased in ‘79 now sits proudly in the front of this Vert. Unlike most parts replaced on the car, the grille has faded a little, but I smile every time I lift the the cover off of the front of the car...

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Lol, I have bins full of "Project Parts". I have boxes and boxes of NOS Mustang parts. Was at a show couple weeks ago and a 68 Mach 1 next to me had really nice trim rings. I said something about them and he paid $2,800 for just the rings.
There was a Mustang vendor that had NOS gas caps asking $500 for them, lol.
I have all the bits and pieces to restore two 1965 mustang verts. Bought NOS parts before Ford dropped them. coated in wax and put them up. Have NOS door panels, bumpers, trunk mats, fenders, trim, lights etc. As late as in the 70's you could buy every piece of a vert sheet metal wise from Ford for $700.
We all have a sickness of thinking we can do more but never get there.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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