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Anyone know where I can obtain a 160 degree high flow thermostat for my B1? Checked out Mustangs Unlimited, CJ Pony Parts etc... and cannot find one. Thanks much in advance...….Jim
Why do you want that low of a temperature? If you're having overheating problems a lower temperature thermostat will not help. You car is likely to not run all that good at a lower temperature, not very efficient, poor throttle response.

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TMeyer usually has them but his website shows out of stock. Might want to call and see when they will have them again.

Flowkooler makes a replacement restrictor that allows the use of the more common Robertshaw 330-160 windsor style t-stat and still retain the bypass feature if you feel you absolutely need a 160 and you need it now.

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i'm pretty sure i got one at auto zone.. i didn't install for i took the trans lines off and put on seperate cooler. my issue was heating up in long go nowhere line of cars. it's doing much better now so i just put it in keep sake draw.
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