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The one that got away...
I just posted in the "How you got your stang?" thread which made me think about the 73 my friend had and sold that I really really should have bought from him some how, some way.
This was mid to late 90's. He was stationed in San Deigo as a Marine for his last year, and picked up a nice white 73 H-code, and drove the car back home. The car was pretty rust free. Spotless compared to the cars we have here in New England. Green interior was the only minor negative on it, but the interior was clean too. He put an intake/carb/headers on it while out there, and a cheap side exiting exhaust that was LOUD! Car ran well, and sounded nice, but was loud!
He was using it as a daily driver, and being an old car, minor stuff would break on it, and annoy him. Finally the brakes broke on it, and he parked it and got something else to drive. The car sat for a while and was soon for sale, but I couldn't afford the asking price at the time no matter how low it was. Eventually he did sell it, and shortly after it was gone I found out he only got 3k for it and [Image: BulletBangHeadR.gif] I'm still kicking myself for not working something out with him for it. Even my old man was like "what, I would have bought that if I knew" which was surprising because I usually don't think of him as a car guy.
Oh well, I have my car and am cool with it, even if it needs a ton more work than his ever did Smile

Any one have a story of a car you know you should have bought, but didn't for some reason?
I believe I waited to long also. I should of gotten one way before that no matter what shape and worked on it. I love just going to the car and doing this or that even if it's just cleaning the rims and giving it a good wax. Now this one is not even completed and am already thinking about what my next car should be hahaha. I am leaning towards a Cougar {67 ,68} or a Dodge/Plymouth. I love the 72 roadrunner or gtx front end.


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Like most who will respond, there were a few along the way.

One that haunts me:
In 1984-85ish...'67/68 Shelby GT350 basket case roller, floors and rockers were rusted badly along with a lot of the "usual" offending stuff I'd imagine. Car was complete otherwise.
I coughed at the $2K asking price, walked away and never made an offer.
I was contemplating an original, superb black/black/gold W-31 Cutlass at the time, for similar money, that I didn't buy either.
Big dummy me.
Too bad you couldn't have gotten that one. It's always hindsight.

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My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
1982/83 a friend of mine had a 67 Galaxie with 390 PI with a 4spd, wanted 5 grand for it at the time and I should have bought it but went with a 67 Cougar for 2 grand that cost me a lot more.

1988 I had a chance at a 66 Shelby ....was $25k ....had just sold a Grand National and had most of the money burning a hole in my pocket....turned it down as I was getting married 6 months later.....shortly after I got married the wife and I were watching a show about the sky rocketing prices of Shelby's Angry

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
since this subject is on the table... I found a 1967 Mercury Cougar GT 390 sitting in a "milk barn" in my country.. is actually close to where i live and the car is pretty much original cause the engine broke down like 20 years ago...

The guy is asking good money for it but... is it a good car to buy? rare and so??

Damián Cool

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Think 1967 Mustang GT with a 390 then realize that the Cougar will be just a tad bit more rare. Now, would you buy it?
Steven Harris;25239 Wrote:Think 1967 Mustang GT with a 390 then realize that the Cougar will be just a tad bit more rare. Now, would you buy it?

Dont know.. sounds interesting car but the guy is asking no less that 15K... Here the prices are higher than there but for that money i dont know... If the car is a 40K car, then i can think it throu in order to restore and resale the car...

Not planning to keep it if i buy it

Damián Cool

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Vote For 7173Mustangs.Com Every Day!
Back in '77 - '78 a group of us had spaces for our cars at a mini storage facility. One of the guys there bought a car for the engine and transmission and he was selling the rolling chassis. It was a '70 'cuda with a real ugly paint job and a dana 60 rear end I looked it over and decided I had no use for it since I had just purchased my GTO. Looking at the cuda closely there was a tag on the radiator support that stated " Not for Highway use, Competition only" This was a factory SS/B HEMI Cuda... He wanted $500.00 for the roller! GRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Man do I wish I knew then what I know now, That would be a good retirement fund.

Jeff T.

Low buck, touring style, '73 Convertible "rolling restoration", 351c, 2v heads with a shave and a haircut, Performer intake, Holley 650(ish), roller rockers, screw in studs, guideplates, stainless valves, Duraspark / Motorsports MSD, T-5 conversion. 1-1/8" front, 3/4" rear swaybars KYB shocks and some home brewed subframe connectors. Future plans; JGC steering box, Cobra brakes and... paint, interior, etc.

When I die I want to die like grandpa, peacefully in my sleep... not screaming, like his passenger.

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