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The Mach in the spotlight; Upcoming movie
I've been reluctant to post this because I've been waiting until more info and better visuals become available but here is what I've got so far....I posted a forum late last year regarding my '72 Mach being used in an upcoming independent film and music video. So far, I have a teaser trailer from the film as well as an article that was published about it. It will be obvious to us members, that some of the quick shots were done with a 1970 mustang, but to the common eye, they wouldn't know the difference. Enjoy and hope to post more soon.

Music Video: "My Hands" by artist Thomas Fiss (will be available this summer) No video on that yet.

Teaser Trailer: Smuggler 2014

Article: Car named: Justine Cool
Very cool Cool .I had 2 of my bikes in ads and 1 in a short film. Interesting/boring process.they are not the most respectful of our bikes and cars how did you find the process

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Thanks. Just from looking online, and I also posted the vehicle on a couple of prop house websites in LA...and yes, some of those guys have no appreciation for cars as props. Fortunately things panned out alright.
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