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The Good, Bad and WTF did I do
Good; So I finally got tired of scrapping surface rust off it almost everyday because I would get it stripped and leave it and only cause more problems. I got my one coat and even let my wife get into the action, looks okay, no runs, orange peel or fish eyes, come on guys read the rest before you hit me up, I know it is only primer but I have to build myself up, remember I am a aspiring body and paint guy, not a pro. The paint went on with little problems and I used the 50% method, mixed it as directed, applied G&W remover a couple times and went back over it about a hour later to make sure there where no bits of dust on it prior to spraying

Bad; I spent more time than I wanted trying to get the gun working, had little room to work on passenger side so I won't know how well I did tell in the A.M. and you know Ill be back on here with the horror if there is any. Now I stepped back and notice what looked like white areas that you should be able to see in the pics, not where the filler is jut above it. Not sure if that is normal but you know, I have to flip out about it because I have no idea what I am doing.

WTF; while mixing the primer with cat, I strained the cat and then poured primer in, which I am pretty sure now that you want to do backwards, anyways while putting paint in I put too much my wife told me I was going over and I spooked and picked it back up and poured the excess back into the can. Now I know that there was very little if any cat that made it back into the can but if it did and does something I will tie that gallon can around my neck climb to the roof and throw it off. I am sure I am over reacting but, you guys know what I am talking about. Now I might be the only one to make this mistake but I ensure this will be the last.

Now the gun was not spraying the way I wanted at first, too small of a pattern and I was making too short of strokes not running the full length of the panel but over time I fixed it. Okay I am done for tonight. Good luck to all and I hope to get some tough feedback from you guys, I know it does not look like a professional did it, because it was me but again it was primer, and I am sure the areas i did mess up I can sand down in a couple days and redo no worries it was fun.

I only had one mask and you can see which one was wearing it in the pic,lol I know
Last pic is the part I am talking about
[Image: 11lj6sl.jpg]
[Image: t52mnp.jpg]
[Image: 2e5p1fl.jpg]
[Image: 24q49ic.jpg]

I hereby designate


as The Most Interesting Man In The World

for a time period beginning no later than 12:01am PDT Monday, April 9, 2012 and ending not sooner than 12:02am PDT Tuesday, April 10, 2012.

I hereby designate

rentascout's wife

as The Most Interesting Woman In The World

for a time period beginning no later than 12:01am PDT April 9, 2012 and ending no sooner than 12:02a PDT, Monday, April 9, 2012.

And anyone that gives him crap for his paint job, will answer to me....when I get my title back.

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351C Bold Manners, Brash Attitude
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Man, you guys. What a way to start Monday morning! Big Grin

Russ, it looks just fine to my amateur eyes. I think you did a fine job! Forget about the gallon pail but get another mask. Tongue

And James, I second your nominations. goodpost



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Project started 8-7-10
Completed: All new suspension, rebuilt 351C H Code bored .030 over with mild cam and intake, new 3.50 TracLok, custom exhaust system
Current "mini-project": interior upgrade Undecided
James, Just make sure the rope you use is longer than the distance from your neck to the ground. I do admire your determination. Chuck
well I hope it is all worth it in the end

I'd say we nominate her as the "Most Understanding Wife", also, with no time expiration...

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
So the verdict is in the white stripes are out and pass side did not turn out like I had hoped. Still trying to figure out if it just needs another coat or if I messed up spraying or both. U be the judge

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Kudos on sticking with it! And a big congrats to the wife for getting involved! Hang in there man
well thank guys I got out there and got those fenders done. I figured out a little issue that I was doing. When I was setting the gun on the reg that atttaches to the gun I was setting it at the pressure I wanted the cap to spit, instead of allowing more flow at the inlet and letting the gun reg. I was setting the reg at 10psi when the trigger was pulled instead of 30, my bad but that is how it goes everything is a learning process.
[Image: 96j6rm.jpg]
[Image: 35n92ma.jpg]
[Image: szbor9.jpg]
[Image: fedqat.jpg]

[safety nazi]Cartridge respirators really aren't enough protection for catalyzed paints... They don't get the isocyanides and really should be sprayed using a supplied air mask.[/safety nazi]

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
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