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The beginning / Front bumper
(03-15-2019, 10:51 PM)6DUB606 Wrote:
(03-15-2019, 01:58 AM)Machvince Wrote: Thanks !
So , One more task... 
Another small one , will be the antenna.. Looks funny this way..
There are also numerous scratch of paint.

[Image: a-DSC05468.jpg]
I don't see anything dramatically wrong here other than the bend at the top ?   Easy fix - pull that last section out a bit further, grab it with pliers or vice grips just below the bend and move the bent piece straight with another set of pliers.  It's in the right place so that's a good start. 
Paint scratches ? Different story. 

there are numerous scatchs on the paint. Some are covered with red paint..

[Image: LDSC05519.jpg]

upload pictur

Got it.
Machvince, The 71-72's used D1ZZ-18813-A which is a round telescoping staff antenna. Those were used at a time when people could fine tune the antenna for the best radio reception. (For those of us that didn't have a FM radio or a Super Deluxe 8 Track tape player) The 73 Mustang used a single piece non telescoping mast antenna. I never liked the telescoping version as they always seemed to loosen up over time and water would get inside the masts and reception would become very poor. They also seemed to be an easy target for parking lot vandals that took pleasure in bending them. One of the first things I changed on my 71's.
Another one of those fuzzy areas between model years where the late 72's more than likely were the recipients of some 73 antennas that were sent to the assembly plant in preparation for the upcoming 73 model year.                                                                                                      
A lot of confusion also stems from the fact that a radio was not standard in our Mustangs. Even when a radio was ordered from Ford  it was not installed at the Assembly plant. A radio kit was placed in the trunk along with wheel covers, floor mats and other loose items to be installed at the dealer when the vehicle Pre Delivery Inspection process (PDI) was performed.
Many dealers ordered cars without radios so the more profit producing aftermarket units could be installed. Dealers would then pull a in stock antenna off the parts shelf (Usually an LTD unit since they were considered a one size fits all) and hopefully drilled the antenna hole in the correct location. Unless the dealer had saved the antenna mounting template from the factory radio kit, that didn't always happen.  
It's been many years since I was involved in any judging, but the most recent MCA rules allow the 71-72 collapsible round mast or the 73 fixed round mast on 72 Mustangs
Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply stocks a 73 style antenna with a removable mast that would be great to use if you use a car cover or don't care about being 100% original.   http://www.ohiomustang.com/store/order_p...temid=1841


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Well, the car is not supposed to be excatly matching the original.. by the way I have order a Ram (at ohiomustangsupply) kit to put in it. Angel
For the antenna, as I understand, there are lots of possibilities..and the main point is that 71/72 is telescopic and 73 is one piece (in most of cases).
I know that the radio is not an original , so ... let's say that if i can fix  the antenna, and if it is not too floppy, i will keep it. If i have to change it, will put a fixed one.

Got it.
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