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The art of manliness and beard grooming
Hi all I thought I would share this out of interest.
I recently had to give a public presentation as part of my work. So neat casual attire,fresh shave,trimmed and oiled my beard and waxed my mo so it looked neat and tidy and didn't cover my mouth. At the end of my bit of talking and relevant question and answers I was approached by a very dapper old gent. The first thing I noticed after his confident bearing was his RAAF association shirt,immaculate appearance and dashing fighter pilots moustache (he was indeed a fighter pilot). He held out a hand and said well done young fella its good to see blokes keeping the manly arts alive. I said thank you Sir but Iam not sure I understand. His response was along the lines of To be able to master the art of manliness, a man must live the seven manly virtues: Manliness, Courage, Industry, Resolution, Self-Reliance, Discipline, Honour. After a bit of a discussion about these points of reference and what they mean with one of the funniest most earnest men I have had the good fortune to meet a brief nod to ones ability to grow and maintain a decent beard with out looking like a homeless person I bid him farewell. I have been reflecting on this for the best part of a week talked about the 7 virtues with a few mate whom all agree these are great qualities to live by. What do you gents think is the art of manliness at risk would you indeed try to strive to make the grade or is it part of the world that we will eventually lose as these great old bloke disappear. I sincerely hope not

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Depends on where you look I would say. Rural living I see it is still alive in well.
The problem with well groomed (full) beards is that these days they usually grow on snobbish hipsters. I hated those guys before it was cool. Smile
But it's my belief that if you're gonna grow any kind of beard make sure it's not fuzzy.
Just as I am allergic to people with long hair if it doesn't look well groomed.
Me of all people. Smile
I have no opinion on the other manly virtues you quoted. I am manly enough without having any virtues imposed on me. Smile

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Lol. If this old boy hadnt of been so funny and if he hadnt of been in the forces i may have dismissed it but it seems to be that a similar set of values sit with a lot of those that have or are currently willing to risk all in service of thier country. Not a sacrifice that should ever be taken lightly or at least I believe it shouldnt,however this old joker wants to frame it

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
1 had to think about it, but to me the 7 points of maniliness would be:

1) Treat every female you meet with the highest level of respect, politeness and regard...irrespective of thier appearnce, demeanor and attitude.

2) talk half as much as anyone you know, and only when you have something of importance and appropriateness to say. Idle chit-chat and gossip are for children and women.

3) Earn your keep: A man without a job (or other means of self-sufficiency) is no man at all. Hand-outs and charity are accepted only in the short-term and only as a last resort, never to become a permanent source of sustenance. All charity is to be repaid in kind immediatly and as a first priority.

4) A real man honors his commitments, without fail.

5) A real man protects and defends his immediate family from all possible dangers and potentially unfortunate situations. Period.

6) Kindness to all animals (even cats!) is the mark of manliness.

7) Vanity is an external trait, and is for women...real men do not seek attention from others by adorning themselves with baubles and jewelry. Other than a wedding band, a tasteful wristwatch is the only legitimate piece of jewelry that a real man wears. "Manliness" exudes from within, and is not something that can be worn or applied.
To me, discipline is the most important. Without self-discipline it would be difficult to achieve the rest. Self-reliance is my #2.
I agree about the jewelry, I wear my wedding ring (40 years this December), I don't even wear a wrist watch anymore, my cell phone is good enough. It seems like 98% of the men I have known that were loaded down with jewelry were just as superficial as their ornaments, and weren't worth the price of the blasting powder needed to blow the fuzz off a bumblebee's butt.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Anyone can grow a beard. To be a real man you must have a unibrow.

In all seriousness. I agree that discipline is one of the most important. It is hard to exhibit the others without it.

I only wear a wedding band. Sometimes if we go someplace 'nice' I will put on my fathers turquoise ring. It's pretty cool. I don't have an automatic opinion on men and jewelry. I know some manly men who wear several rings and have ear rings. Mostly silver type stuff, skulls, crosses and stuff like that. I don't think they wear it to adorn themselves as much as they just like it.

These kinds of topics always remind me of a song in the musical 'Hair' called 'My Conviction'

I would just like to say that it is my conviction
That longer hair and other flamboyant affectations
Of appearance are nothing more
Than the male's emergence from his drab camoflage
Into the gaudy plumage
Which is the birthright of his sex

There is a peculiar notion that elegant plumage
And fine feathers are not proper for the male
When actually
That is the way things are
In most species

Not that I agree/disagree, it's just a song. But it is interesting that many times it is the male of the species that has the adornment.

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I agree with much of Luke's post. The problem I see is the 'Manliness' virtue. It seems to be way too open to interpretation. I'd say all the other virtues combined are what make up 'manliness'.
Too often I meet people that seem to think manliness is being a 'bad ass' (and always trying to prove it), or demanding everyone make room for their desires/opinions without allowing them theirs, and measuring everyone else by standards they themselves would be hard pressed to meet.

As for the grooming thing....I used to have long hair (washed everyday! and kept in a pony tail (except for when it was braided, suffice to say it was girls that wanted to do the braiding...whom am I to argue. I think you know where that all goes...). Now I have virtually no hair on top (migrated south) except for the Don Johnson/GI Joe look (OLD Joe figures, if you know what they used top look like, then you know what I mean).

Above all, manliness is pride in appearance and HYGIENE! Belts and deodorant required.
I believe our board rules much like this discussion point out protecting the weak. As I was on a temporary band, It did not offend me because at the end of the day those whom are "real men" understand protecting the weak because it is our duty whether we believe as they do or not. But it is also a trait of a man to accept the weak (and their political correctness) in their own belief and have courage stand true to your own belief as you accept them, not by force( political correctness) but by choice.

As for the adornment of jewelry most of what is mentioned unfortunately cries true of should we say the false person. However, dont judge because if you saw me, I do have one expensive watch but rarely wear it not out of shame or protecting "it". Most of the time its just not that important to me. If I did wear it, some may interpret me as "one of those guys" however making the mistake might cost you a broken jaw, arm or leg or all the above, because being meek does not require weakness ......OH... I cant grow a full beard due to being Irish/American Indian(somewhat) so the sides dont fill in well... but I have a goatee. Am I ACCEPTED????? Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
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