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That antenna is tall and it's in the way.

My car has the one piece mast antenna on it, it's a 71. I assume if it's not original it's similar to the original.

It's like 2 feet taller than the roof of the car and since it doesn't telescope I need to figure out a way to temporarily bend it out of the way so I can get it up on a lift.

The lift is in my garage with 10'8 ceilings - so you can see what my dilemma is. Smile

Plus the goal is to park the mach1 under another car to free up some garage space, and driving the car under the lift with the antenna being a foot or more taller than the lift crossmember isn't going to do it any favors.

Anyone else have an issue where they needed to bow the antenna out of the way for something? I don't want to torque the fender and there's quite a lot of spring tension on the antenna when it's being moved.

I can get one of the telescoping ones and they don't look too awful if there's no good solution for what to do with the antenna I have now.

Scott Drake makes a short billet one but I can't really picture it on my car so I'm not sure how it will look.

If anyone else has been down this road and has a suggestion, please let me know what you did to resolve the issue.

I also don't really need an antenna right now if there's an antenna delete kit available that doesn't look horrible. So that's an option too if one exists.
Because it's a one-piece, it may just unscrew from the base.

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My car has had a power antenna installed. Baseplate/fender attachment looks original and not very expensive.
Another option -- I looked hard for a CB antenna with the chrome mount that looked period. 

[Image: antenna.jpg]

[Image: siggy.jpg]

The '73 antenna unscrews from the base plate.
This might work for you.



Another advantage to this antenna is it makes it a hole lot easier to put a car cover on.
Just unscrew it at the base and lower it down. It won't fall out. I have to do this when I borrow my buddies hoist for the same reason.
TIP; use a piece of tape or felt around the nut so you don't scratch the chrome.

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Just get a regular telescoping one. But whatever you do don’t get a Scott Drake one. I’m sure they are really overpriced and junk, just like most of his stuff.

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The telescoping ones / rectangular base are the correct ones to use on the 71. 72 had a mix and 73 had whip style.
Thank you, everyone!

If the telescoping one is correct I'll go with that, but until then I'll just lower it down into the hole as suggested if possible.

It won't unscrew and if it's not correct for the 71 I guess it's a repop part. It looks nice and all but I actually prefer no antenna.

So I'll make do until I can find a short billet one that's not so thick it looks goofy and just fill the hole at some point in the future when I can think about changing color.

The white that's on it now is nice and all but medium gold metallic is my color for a mach1.

Thanks again!
Just a quick reply.....I have a lift and had the same problem. I bought the standard antenna from NPD, unscrewed the little ball on top, cut the antenna to a length that would fit under the upper cross member of the lift, super glued the ball back on top. Works and looks fine.
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