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Thanksgiving miracle
Well....Before thanksgiving today..My freind that i known for 25 years calls me and tell me he got in a bad accident on the way home to get ready for Thanksgiving from work....slid out on ice at 20 mph going on to the freeway and got hit over and over by cars going 70mph plus in the fog...This is what is left of his car...He just had a new born baby 4 months ago..and got married 6 months ago..and just moved into a new home...He is glad he didn't have his kid with him in his 5.0...Some one up above was looking out after him today..He said the cops showed up and said..Were is the person who was driving this black car? And he said..I'm that person..And the cop started to panic and say..You should sit or lay down you're in shock....And he said..no im fine sir..and he looked at the car and him and said..I never seen a car like that and the person walk away..said steering wheel is wrapped up like a taco.........Good thing he ok...sucks about his car like i told him but what is importaint is his life plain and simple......Would of been one sad start to thanksgiving..{wipes brow} everyone be safe.

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Glad he was safe. Someone high above was looking out for him.
Glad to your buddy is ok. When they say built Ford tough they meant Fox body's too.
Wow. Glad to hear your friend is OK, Mike. It sure was a Thanksgiving miracle.


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Wow. Great news your friend is ok.

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Glad to hear your friend was ok after seeing the damage!!

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Cars can be replaced, sad to see the 5.0 has had it. But it took one for the team and saved his life which is most important.
Wow that's amazing!!! I saw how foggy is was yesterday morning and how cold it was. Drove my car yesterday and it still had ice on the hood when I got back. Glad your friend is OK.

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Definitely a Thanksgiving Miracle! Glad he is alright. Cars, although we appreciate them and don't want to lose them, are replaceable.
Glad his baby doesn't have to grow up without Dad.
Ya...Was a bad one.....Good thing is he is ok

Car was a nice one...New motor too...But it defenatly did its job and saved his life....Im going over today and see how he feels.
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