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Taillight functionality of 71 Mustang??
So I am in the process of installing a new painless wiring harness in my 71 Mustang. I finally got around the doing the taillights and realized that I totally forgot how they are supposed to function. 

When the lights are turned "On" do only the inner and outer of the 3 lights lights on each side turn on with the middle light being left off? I assume this because the middle light has a piece of clear lens which seems to be for the reverse lights?

The inner and outer are dual filament bulbs as well correct? With the Left side brighter filament acting as the left indicator and the right side brighter filament acting as the right indicator? 

Does the brake light energize the 2 brighter filaments on each taillight side or only the 1 inner filament on each side of the taillight? The reason I ask this is because I am wondering how it looks when one brakes while indicating. Huh

If anyone has a picture or video showing the functionality of any 71-73 mustang rear taillight I would greatly appreciate it!!
Here is a pic when I converted to LED Plasma showing the brake lights

[Image: IMG_3081.jpg]
The taillights use the lower wattage filaments in all four bulbs. The brake lights and turn signals share the brighter filaments in all four bulbs.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
As taillights go, they're about as simple as they can be.  The bulbs only have 3 levels of function: off, dim, and bright.

The middle of the three lenses on each side are reflectors, with only the center clear part illumintating when in Reverse.  The inner and outer lenses light up together as either dim for parking lights, or bright for brakes or when they flash for hazards and/or signals, as Don C mentioned.  

Brakes are bright when the brake pedal switch activates the circuit.  Turn-signal and/or hazard flashers flash the bright filament regardless of whether the parking lights or brakes are on or not... so if the parking lights are on, they flash bright/dim... but if the parking lights are off, they flash bright/off.  

If you're on the brakes, and you hit the turn signal, the appropriate side flashes while the other stays bright and vice-versa.

Again, very basic function - they just look complicated because there are 3 lenses on each side.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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