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Tail light panel honeycomb fasteners.

Yep, went through the same thing. I was lucky enough to have found some that were the right length.

The Part number is D0GY-65291B80-A

[Image: D0GY.jpg]


Hopefully OMS (Don) can get these for you. 

I'm glad to find this thread. I just got the rear honeycomb plate kit from npd. Now I need to check the length of the fasteners.
You may want to try messaging this seller on ebay. I know he has the clips for vinyl roof moldings.

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I have one of the AMK bumper to bumper complete fastener kits for my 72 CJ vert. Nice little bags all labeled. I am very disappointed in their fasteners. Pretty much none of them are like the originals. Makers marks different. Different finish, different lengths. And the say MCA approved as original.

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I experienced the same this with this AMK fastener. Ended up finding a guy in CA that finds used ones and gets them re-plated. If needed I will see if I can find his contact email.

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I just got the kit from NPD Parts. It also has the short fasteners. I am going to have to call them and see if they will ship me the longer ones. Thanks for the heads up.
I had the same issue, fortunately, I had enough of the original ones. I checked the AMK catalog and they don't have any with longer studs in the same style. Here are a few other possibilities that may have more thread to them.

I heard that the Acorn nuts are not available anymore so keep your old ones.

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The hardware I got with my npd parts had the acorn nuts in them.
Acorn nuts with rubber washers on ebay

Same seller also has the Tail light kit


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I talked with the guy at NPD Parts today about the fasteners. They said no one had ever complained about them. I linked up this thread for them and he saw the difference. So he went and did some research and found an original fastener and measured it. He then gave me this part number as the correct part to use. F-291B80-1. The threaded portion is fully threaded and is 3/16" longer than the original fastener that comes with the kit. It also looks exactly like the molding clips that hold on body side molding.

[Image: f_291b80_1.jpg]

It sucks that they are $2.95 each. I tried to get them to give me a set, but they wouldnt budge. Its no biggie, I didnt want to return the wrong ones because they have the rubber washers and acorn nuts with them. So I will just eat the price of the fasteners and forget about it. Maybe in time they will correct the fastener kit from AMK (but somehow I doubt it).

I may just order the kit from Stangaholics linked above. at least they arent $50.
Edit (so much for that idea, they have a $50 minimum.)
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