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Tachometer don't work...
Hi guy's

On my 73', the tachometer don't work. I receive the car like that. It never worked.
I looked for the cable to repair it but I can't find anything.
Normally, there is a electrical cable that goes to the ignition coil and that works with the pulses, no ?
It's not like that on the 73' ?... Huh

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Hi Jean-Pierre

Link to the wiring diagrams - hope this helps


Regards Shane


73 Mach 1
Thank you, it's very nice.
I opened but, frankly, I'm not good enough in electricity.
If someone had a simpler solution...

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

The factory tach runs off the + side of the coil. Simply put, the wiring is:

12V from ignition switch goes to tach red wire, through tach, out on black wire, through the 'pink' resistor wire to the coil + terminal.

If the tach fails then the car will not run, so many of the tachs are unplugged and a jumper put in place of the tach so the car will run.

[Image: Tach-Wiring.jpg]


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Humm, My tach does not work of 73 vert but car runs fine?? The wire is not jumped either I had entire dash out and put back it is plugged in. I even changed the tach and still did not work so I quite worrying about it and just drive the car.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The tach can fail for a variety of reasons - the most talked about is transformer failure - this causes an open in the primary circuit so the car won't run. Probably the second most common issue is a dirty or worn movement, then dried out capacitors.


Tachs, Voltmeters, Headlight kits, Wiper delays and more at
[Image: smlogo.jpg]
Rocketman's Classic Cougar (and Mustang) Innovations, LLC
I'm going to do a wire search to see if it has not been jumped...

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

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