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T-handle selector
Q- after my torque converter was swapped out it seems like my selector/shifter doesnt lock in place as firmly as before the swap and i am wondering if there is a correct way to install the T handle on the chromed steel selector shaft, and if that may be a reason it doesnt seem to click and lock in place. When it's in P now seems like to moves around a bit and when i press the button and slide down to D seems a little mushy. I'm asking here before i go down to the garage with the allen set and try reinstalling. I know the linkage wasnt changed...it's gotta be the little black button isnt acting on the shaft that goes down to the detents.
There is a bushing in the base of the shifter housing that needs to be replaced. It's coincidence that it's acting up now. Very common failure. Check with Don at OMS. He has them.
+ 1 with the bushing post
Bushings are a common failure - they could have been knocked loose during install
They are 1.29 each and you need 2

If they pulled the trans they had to remove the linkage.
There is an adjustement / slide bolt on the linkage

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