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suspension parts
Ok guys looking to change out my front suspension. All these different brands of upper and lower control arm. Are they all good or are they crap! There are several "kits" that come with UCP,LCP,saddles, bushing, etc. But no brand names, do you think there ok, anyone with experience with these.
How much do you want to spend?
well i was going pretty basic, rack n pinion would nice but $$$$, coil over is up there too. not looking for that much performance just trying to get her up to date!
Personally I would avoid the kits. I am leery of the quality of the import stuff, and there have been some folks on the forum that have used kit supplied mystery replacement springs and have been disappointed with ride height and quality not being anywhere near stock. Not saying there are not good kits out there, but I have not spent time shopping for one because I went down a different path.

There are a TON of suspension builds on the forum that you can search from mild to wild.

I went full thermonuclear on my front suspension. I used Maier racing upper control arms coil over system with JRI shocks in front. Lower control arms are Hotchkis 1118L. Strut rod bushings are the Maier ball and socket ones. No name 1 1/8" front sway bar. Custom homebuilt 12.7:1 quick ratio steering box with larger torsion bar for increased feedback. In the back I have the Maier 4 1/2 leafs with Bilstein shocks. Still have not picked out a sway bar for the back. Brakes are SN95 Cobra brakes with the Mustang Steve conversion kit. Car is not on the road, so who knows how all this stuff will work together.

That is kind of an extreme setup. Sort of like Jason "Autoedit" and his car Large Marge minus the uber expensive Total Control brand rear link coil over and front rack and pinion kit he has.

Suspension to me falls into three categories
1) Looks right suspension.
2) Works right suspension.
3) Performance suspension.

To me the “Looks right” suspension is a close physical copy of the OEM stuff with care taken to make the stampings, ball joints, springs, shocks and paint look like the OEM parts. Depending on who makes it “looks right” may or may not work right. To me this is what a lot of the kits are, research into the quality of what you are buying is time well spent.

“Works right” suspension is made by companies like Moog, Bilstein etc… The Moog control arms are very good quality, work well, but may not look exactly like the OEM stuff. Same thing with shocks, Bilstein shocks might physically look different, but work great. This stuff works well, is reasonable in cost, but don’t have the concours judges look at your car and expect them to give a thumbs up.

Then you go into performance where you start out at the more reasonable end of the spectrum and put some better shocks on the car, and you can dive deep into the rabbit hole if you wish and go nuts swapping and chopping with companies like Maier Racing, Opentracker racing, Street or Track, Total Control etc.

Thanks Bentworker!
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