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Superman and the 71-73 Mustang
My wife bought the Christopher Reeve series of Superman to watch with the kids. We have made it through 1, 2 and 3, And every one of the movies has a Mach 1, a Convertible or a coupe in background shots. In Superman 3 it even looked like it might be a white Boss351 in one shot.

Anyone else notice this?

Yep, I definitely noticed that...even when I saw them the first time years ago.

The movies were filmed at Pinewood Studios in the UK, and they had to fill the sets and locations with American cars to further the illusion that it was in America.
I assume that most American cars over there available for filming use were of a more special, notable model...like the famed American Mustang.
Some of the smaller bit-part actors also seemed to have trouble delivering a convincing American accent.
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