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Lovely, lovely, lovely...or put another way BAD-A**!!!!

Got all my problems worked out of my '71 351C rebuild today, and it's WOW!!! You may recall I had an oil pressure problem. Well, I'm almost ashamed to say, it was my fault. I could never build up more than 40PSI, which is well below 50-70 called for by Ford at 2000 rpm. I was also getting some valve train noise I couldn't explain.

A buddy suggested I pull the valve covers to get a look at if the valves are receiving oil. What did I find? #4 intake rocker arm loose and rotated to the side, and the pushrod and lifter nowhere in sight! Looked with a flashlight and saw them laying in the valley, and I was able to extract them with a magnetic pickup. No damage to either, and with some fancy handwork and a 4-claw pickup tool, I was able to reseat the lifter and reinstall the rocker arm properly. This was totally, 100%, my fault: I forgot to tighten that one rocker arm bolt when I was shimming my intake rockers.

Well, suffice it to say: the motor fires up in less than 1 turn, I have 67 PSI of oil pressure, no valve train noise. I reset the timing to 14 BTDC, it's SMOOTH, and I love the kick in the pants now - which will be even better when my carb guy dials in my Holley carb.

Now to install the hood tomorrow and take my baby out for a run!
So glad to hear that! good luck and have a blast!!!!
Very cool...enjoy the drive for those of us that got another blast of snow!

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Great neww; I bet you feel lucky there was no damage.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

That's awesome Dan! Glad to hear the success! Smile


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OK, OK, I get it: pics to follow tomorrow....just ignore the hood that won't be there...<grin>
Good job !!

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Glad to hear that. hope to be cranking on mine in afew weeks

Alan L

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Alan L
Good job, Dan. Can't wait to see the pics!!



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Project started 8-7-10
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