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Subframe connectors DIY
Made myself a set of sub frame connectors as per this link - http://dazecars.com/dazed/sub-frame.html
Great plans and excellent instructions which I followed however when I cut out my front frame plate and went to check the fit (after welding them) the angles weren't correct. Don't know if it was just my vehicle but the 170 degree angles were out of whack so I had to cut these again then re-weld them finding that 174 degrees worked. My advice to anyone making these is to cut all your diagonals to suit 174 degrees on all four bends and prior to welding check the fit and then weld them up. You can always shave a bit more angle if required. Cost me $55 in steel and about $50(joking) in grinding discs to clean up my less than perfect welding!
Interesting if anyone else has made these connectors.

Do you any pictures?

Didn't take any pictures when making them but pretty much the same as in the link supplied
Will probably post some pics on them installed on my build thread when i get around to it

Fairly easy to make as long as you have some welding skills
i found it difficult when welding them into the vehicle as it was only a foot or so off the ground plus i'm not as flexible as I used to be
Also be careful when welding to the thinner chassis, easy to blow a hole which I predictably did!
Nice, I have been thinking about buying a set. Looks like something I could handle
I had a set installed on my car, I highly recommend it. It stiffened the chassis up and made a real difference on the handling.

[Image: 3483lp4.png]
Just want to reiterate what OZ stated. The 170 d angles are not correct. I'm working on installing mine and the width offset is about 4" making to plan st 170. It should be 2". Fit before welding. It appears the vertical is correct.
Good to hear it wasn't just my vehicle out of whack and must reiterate as above to make your V cuts to suit approx 174 degrees and make adjustments then tack weld check again and finish welding.
Certainly stiffens the chassis up as when I put the vehicle back on stands only 3 stands actually supporting it although that will change once I slot an engine in it!
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