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Stupid question of the day - gas
my cousin..who is a engineer..showed me a good way to tell if you got carbon build up ....he would take a spray bottle of water and set it too mist...and told me to rev your motor just a bit too keep it alive..while he mist some water into my carb!! i was thinking..you crazy?..but what it does..is like old water injection on rv's and ww2 fighter planes..boost your horse power and compression...and if your motor all gunked up and having troubles..it will blow out a cloud of nasty out your tail pipes....he did it too mine..it was clean...and when i took apart the motor..piston clean atleast...ended up being a rounded off cam pretty much in my motor.

1971mach1;24650 Wrote:The 4 barrel carb version of the 1971 351C had 10.7 compression from the factory, so it definatly needed premium gas. My 351-4v runs fine on 91.
If your engine is old, there maybe carbon build up on the pistons, so even a low compression engine may need premium. The only way to tell without opening the engine is to see if it pings on a lower grade of gas.

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