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strut replacement on late model cars
I had to have the struts replaced on my 2008 Town and Country. Now there telling me that the struts are shot on my 2007 Toyoda Highlander. The SUV still rides nice but they told me that they are worn out. I asked if they where leaking and I was told they where not. It has 59,000 miles on it.

I have had to replace suspension parts in the past. Michigan has some of the worst roads in the US. I was wondering what to look for if the front struts are truly worn out?

Also they wanted 480.00 to replace the front struts Monroe brand. Price includes labor. They also recommend you get a front end alignment add another 69.00 so now where up to 549.00. Seem a little high to me? What do you think?

John J
Are they leaking at all ? Push down on a bumper and watch the bounce. If it settles after the rebound, they are fine. if it bounces more than the up movement after your downward push, you might consider replacing them. If they are replaced, it's usually a good idea to align the front suspension, but not absolutely required in my opinion.

Personally you might check another shop's opinion. Sounds like this one might be creating work for themselves.
The only time I had to replace a strut it was blown and leaked oil all down the tire side wall and the garage floor. Do the bounce test but have another shop inspect them.
if they aren't clunking when you hit a bump don't worry about it. Unless they are leaking... but the tell tale clunk will shortly follow if they are leaking. When I have been replacing them lately I have been buying the complete strut assembly with the coil spring already mounted. Makes it a really easy job then. Some cars do need aligned after strut replacement some don't.


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