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Stripping Paint

I am thinking of stripping all the paint off my car and then put a coat of primer on.

My question is when I take it in to get it painted. Will they refuse to paint it since its coated in primer?

Let me know.


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Typically, yes. A body shop/paint shop will want to see the car in bare metal, so they can do all of the underlying prep work to ensure and warranty the paint. Some will accept a good epoxy primer as a base, but they still won't know what's underneath the primer and will be hesitant to tackle the job.

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I have seen many cars that people bring me in primer and say it is right...I strip them down myself so I know what's there and have not seen one right yet. Always found something wrong, cracked bondo that was too thick, patches that were not welded correctly, rust just covered up, etc, etc. To answer your question, I would not paint over someone else's primer, but I don't care who strips it to bare metal.
The last time I personally took the body down to bare metal, I put a sealing primer on the bare metal to keep the rust away and let the shop remove it when I finally got the $$ together to have the body and paint work done. The cost for them to remove it was negligible.
I always heard, never buy a car that is in primer, it won't be ready for paint like the buyer says. The flat primer hides all kinds of flaws. Same for paint shops, they don't want all of the flaws revealed when it's covered in gloss, you don't want rust pockets popping through in a few weeks. The primer can be hiding something that won't react well with the new paint, not fun to watch fresh paint bubble up.

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