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stock intake manifold question
I have been slowly rebuilding my 351 Cleveland 2v engine and will be installing the stock intake manifold. When I took everything apart, I drew out a diagram for the the bolt position since they are different lengths but cannot find the diagram now. Does anyone have a pic or diagram showing which length bolts go where and if any require a sealant on the threads? Thanks.

Just place the manifold on dry. Drop the bolts you have in the holes. Arrange them so they all stick up about the same.

Link to my 72 Q code: pics added 2/16/19

Link to my now sold 72 H.O

My 70 Boss racecar

I beleive there are two size bolts and the narrower longer  bolts go into the four holes at the center of the manifold. run the bolts into the holes on the head  with finger tighten before installing the manifold to make sure the threads are clean , not stripped and not binding. doing this will tell you which bolts fit where. remember there is an alternating pattern to tightening the bolts... consult shop manual.  don/t forget the valley pan which a PITA to install. I found it very helpful to buy some threaded rod from hardware store the same size as the center bolts and cut off 4 pieces of the rod so they are slightly longer than the bolts and install the threaded rod loosely into the center bolt holes so the rod sticks up and acts as a guide to drop the manifold over the threarded rod so it sits in perfect position then loosely screw in all the bolts and then remove the threaded rod. perfect installation every time. the valley pan never fits perfect initially and i had to bend up the flanges that cover the ports to get a better fit.
Thanks all for the info, I did find that there are 2 different thread sizes and of the 4 smaller diameter, they fit in the middle as mycoses above said. Of the 4 centers, 2 are longer, I am thinking that the 2 longer ones for the center go on the right side (bank 1 side) at the choke stove. Is this correct? Also, a PO snapped off one of the lines that exit the choke stove almost flush with the body, anyone have a good idea how to remove the remaining on broke off part? I am tempted to just use a drill bit of the same size, thoughts?

And using studs to line everything up is great, I have already put some long studs in for that, got the valley pan yesterday, so hopefully installing it this weekend. Thanks.

Yes, the longer of the two secure the choke stove. You can drill the remaining piece out, just try a drill that's an index size or two smaller than the replacement tube's OD.

(05-25-2020, 12:52 PM)Hemikiller Wrote: Yes, the longer of the two secure the choke stove. You can drill the remaining piece out, just try a drill that's an index size or two smaller than the replacement tube's OD.

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. Now to look up the replacement tubes.

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