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steering wheel off center
I was driving to a car show the other day at 60 - 65 on an expressway, which I normally dont regularly drive. I noticed when going straight the steering wheel had a slight turn to the right. About like the pic below of someone elses car.

With my limited knowledge, the front end parts seemed tight without a lot of slop in the steering. The car wasnt really drifting to the side and seemed to go straight when I let off the wheel.

I started searching for causes / cures and had some questions.

In reading posts, is straightening the steering wheel as simple as removing the steering wheel and putting it back on?  Is there any technique / cautions to doing this or just remove the horn pad and use a steering wheel puller?

Is there some bigger issue with the steering components, i.e. rag joint, pitman arm, steering box that would need to be checked and possible alignment of those items?

Is that a front end alignment issue?

When was the car last aligned? It could be the tie-rods need to be adjusted to compensate. I'm wondering why you did not notice this before. 
Sometimes when and from my own experience, when the technician did an alignment, the bit of free play on the steering wheel caused it to look centered, but actually was off just a degree or two. I needed to redo my alignment recently and I made sure the wheel was held centered as the tie rods were adjusted. I too hate the wheel being "off". if you are sure your alignment is correct, you could pull the wheel and center it, but I would go for the tie rod adjustment first. You could do this yourself by turning each sleeve the exact same amount. They are right and left hand threads.
Hope that helps,

PS. If you have excessive free-play In the steering wheel, i.e. more than 1/2" each way from center, you might also be needing a box rebuild or you might get away with turning the hex adjuster screw clockwise 1/4 turn, then lock up the nut. Not easy to do without a crow-foot wrench unless you have long arms!! I take it you are referring to a power steering system?

I learn something new every day!
Read this thread if you haven’t.


+1 on what Geoff said, as long as the steering wheel is clocked or indexed correctly to the steering box input shaft the most correct place to make an adjustment is the tie rods.
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