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Steering gear box
I just replaced my steering gear box from a "running mustang" before it got sent to the junkyard, after installing it, filled it, l turned car on and pull completely to the left and lock. Afyer releasing presure for a few hours it unlocked, l was suggested to bleed the line, did that. When l turned the car back it pulled all the way to left and locked again. Any ideas? It's a 71 fastback.
Hydraulic lines are probably reversed.

Let me check your shorts!

[Image: Flamicon2.jpg]

[Image: oldfart.png]
Did it work before you installed it in your car? What is the tag code? Is it a Saginaw 800 (original 71 Mustang PS box) PS box with the big round pump?
I don't see how the lines could be reversed as the fittings are different size.
I think it is more likely a blockage in a line. A PS box will work without any power to it, just hard to turn, but it should not get stuck in either direction.
There are several possibilities, but there's a good chance the PS box and the pump need to be rebuilt, preferably professionally.
I had a PS box that would run out of power toward the end of a full right hand turn. It turned out to be the rotation valve had for whatever reason, gone out of round, causing the spool inside to stick therefore reducing the power effect. Hard to explain, but the only way to fix that issue was to find another box with a good valve and spool.
 I recently posted on how I learned to rebuild a Saginaw 800 PS box, which may help..... or not.

Unfortunately, all the pics where deleted from the post, but here are a couple that might help.

[Image: IMG-0751.jpg]
Pressure inlet is top, 11/16th nut, outlet is bottom, 5/8th nut.

[Image: IMG-0755.jpg]

 assembled rotation valve and ball screw.

I learn something new every day!
Thank you for the replies apparently it was a running mustang, l'll check on the rotation valve.
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