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Steering Column
Hi Guys,
My non tilt steering column has been out of the car for a couple of years now and I was about to install it yesterday. Got the brake booster and brake pedal support bracket back in without any problems. I had to replace the most upper part (housing?) of the column, don't know what that's called, so I was able to purchase that piece from Don OMS, thank you very much, so I tried putting steering wheel back on but couldn't because there wasn't even a bit of thread sticking out to start the nut, the steering shaft where the nut goes is flush with the base of my steering wheel (Grant). Even worse, I realized I can't even turn the shaft! Without the keys in ignition it locks like normal. When I turn the key to ignition position (all the key positions work fine) I can turn the steering about an inch or so and the lock out bracket turns with it when I do so (also, the second upper most bracket turns as well). I can turn the key to the start position but still cannot turn my steering shaft more than an inch. It seems to be locked up. Why won't my steering turn and why can't I install my steering wheel (since the steering shaft seems to be an inch too short). What am I missing here? That same steering column has been in the car ever since I owned it and worked great. Did anybody rebuilt their column? Any thoughts and help is gladly appreciated! Thanks!
There is a hidden screw that you can only access when the column is indexed a certain way. The cup that moves when you shift your car out of park I think is the one I am talking about. If this screw isn't in place everything will turn at the same time. I wish I had a pic for you, but I don't. Also make sure the bracket at the firewall is not tightened until the center shaft is bolted to your steering sector, this is the stick-out adjustment, move the tube of the column down until the shaft sicks out enough. Good Luck!!
The steering shaft is not a solid shaft from end to end to allow the column to collapse in a crash. Maybe the upper half has just slid down. I know someone the other day could not get steering wheel on and it was just a matter of slipping the parts to the right position. I will be in garage later will see if I can get pic or look in manual.

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Thanks Omie and David! I have the shop manuals. Is the upper section on fixed column (the 2 housings I call it) the same on all 3 years? I am asking this because my most upper housing had broken pieces so I got a replacement from Don. Could it have been that the used replacement from Don was a little taller than my old one, if they are different?!
The steering shaft inside the column housing will slide in and out several inches. I have never pulled the shaft all the way out had no reason to. The Ford manual does not really have an exploded view like say a part manual would have. In Volume 1 Chassis Car Shop Manual look in 13-03-07. At the bottom of the page is the only really exploded view in Fig. 7. It is Typical is states and not specific to Mustang. Fig. 5 on 13-03-05 is the Mustang info and not very good.
Maybe member has the parts manual to show way more detail of the assembly.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
As I recall, when I took my column apart to clean and check bearings, the slip joint area had a light dimple and was coated in a type of wax to hold it in position.
(06-18-2018, 08:51 AM)Carolina_Mountain_Mustangs Wrote: Maybe member has the parts manual to show way more detail of the assembly.

Here are the illustrations from my parts manual

.pdf   71-71 Mustang Steering Column.pdf (Size: 474.62 KB / Downloads: 28)

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