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starter makes noise when starting car, sounds like chevy starter, not shimed properly. I replaced starter when I first got car, it helped, but sound is still there. I since put new engine in car [ needed more power ] , 408c different block, new flexplate 157 T . has a C-6 and plate is in between block and trans. I have never had a ford sound like this, or had to shim a ford starter. ideas?[Image: Resized-20190627-193518-001.jpg]
Usually only have to use a spacer shim for manual cars
I would be checking what flex plate you have first
From memory if you fitted a 157T to a larger(164T) bell housing your starter probably shouldn't engage at all so maybe not that
Make sure it is a C6 flex plate as they have a different offset to C4
C4/FMX flex plate the convertor mount point is flush with the engine side of the ring gear and C6 is flush with the trans side
Whether any of this affects your starter not sure, good luck
correction it has a 164 T flexplate. I tried something, installed shim, made no difference, removed shim. when I tighten starter back down, there is play around the bolt holes and bolts, so I turned starter to one side, pulling it away from flexplate. it helped, not as noisy. took pics of flexplate, try to download and get them on here.
If the new starter didn't fix it, then it's time for a new flexplate.

has new flexplate, new engine. has about 100 miles on it.
(08-05-2019, 03:36 PM)164runner Wrote: has new flexplate, new engine. has about 100 miles on it.

Exactly, something isn't right about the flexplate. Maybe it's warped, or the ring gear is welded incorrectly, or the previous starter chewed up the teeth.

One possibility is that the converter isn't fully seated in the transmission and is pushing on the flexplate. Did you have plenty of freeplay when you installed the nuts on the converter studs? 

Can you turn the engine over while watching the flexplate through the inspection hole? If it's warped or has excessive runout, it should be fairly obvious.

had same sound with engine I pulled and the flexplate that was on that engine. transmission that was on that engine c-6, had issues, I replaced with new trans and converter. converter fully seated, trans bolted down before converter nuts were install, not in a bind at all. Only thing I am trying to find out is what ozcoup72 said about the mounting point of converter mount point on the flexplate.
old flexplate , you can see witness marks of converter nuts[Image: 20190804-150500.jpg]

upload images
new flexplate[Image: 20190804-143110.jpg]

upload pic
found this flexplate from another 351c I bought for a spare engine. if ozcoup72 is right flexplate is for c-4/fmx. found a article on another website, someone else having a similar problem. can some of you guys confirm this.[Image: 20190806-192451.jpg]
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