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Standard Steering wheel
I have a standard steering wheel (with another one) on my car. I replaced it yesterday since my original was beyond repair. I have a couple of questions.

1. There was not a spring behind the button. Should there be? It did not work after I put it together, but I can jump it and make the horns work.

2. What holds the button on? The metal brackets are still on the button, and the three posts are on the wheel. Should there be screws or something in the posts. I can put it on and twist, but I can pull it back off.

Thanks for the help.
Provided this is the base 1971 steering wheel:

Put it on and twist, though the studs are often worn out to the point that they need some help to stay on.

Problem is, you can't glue the brackets - because those ARE the button. They move just slightly when the pad is pressed.


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