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Squaring up engine bay
Alright body gurus, I have a "spec" question. Talking with my dad today he said that he thinks the car was in an accident at some point. There was some silver solder behind the battery tray and some other things he found. I decided to measure the square of the engine bay to see if it is torqued out of square.

First off, I measured from what looked like fixed points on the cowl to the where the radiator support meets the fenders. It measured ~65 1/2" x 65 3/4". See pics:
[Image: wk5imr.jpg]
[Image: 2rgyyw6.jpg]
[Image: qp2at1.jpg]
[Image: xngdhg.jpg]

Then I measured from the shock towers to the same points on the radiator supports. It measured ~47 11/16" x 47 1/2". See pics:
[Image: 140il2.jpg]
[Image: 2dujuhe.jpg]
[Image: of65wk.jpg]
[Image: 23wac94.jpg]

So the million dollar question is, does this appear to be a good square? It looks like it to me, but being off by almost 1/4" gives me a little worry. Is there anything else I should measure, like rear axle to front axle?


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
sm3570;30339 Wrote:So the million dollar question is, does this appear to be a good square? It looks like it to me, but being off by almost 1/4" gives me a little worry. Is there anything else I should measure, like rear axle to front axle?

Steve..You have the right technique but the wrong "control points" You can't really square up the unibody measuring to the fender edges or fender bolts on these cars since the bolt holes allow for movement to line up the frt end sheet metal. With the fenders still bolted on you have no idea where that bolt or fender edge is really placed in relation to the rad support or fender apron. You need the same exact point on the rear fender apron EXTENSION & x measure to the shock tower first so you can make sure the towers are where they should be Once you confirm that ..Then you can take a x measurement from them to the same point ON THE RAD SUPPORT to make sure it's square to the towers..Forget about measuring to the fenders they make no difference in squaring the UNIBODY because as I said there is room to adjust them & they have nothing to do with your suspension mounting points. I sent a frame chart to mister4x4 in a pdf ..Pm him & ask for a copy..Once you have that you can go here http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-trunk-rehab?page=3 I posted up in detail how to measure the unibody. Also the unibody tolerance is + or - 3/16" so your not to far off ! I also noticed you used the shock top as a control point..No can do You need to use one of the 3 bolts that hold on the shock mount.

Good info, thanks Scott. I'll PM mister4x4 and get that .pdf, hopefully I'll find somegood news Smile


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Scott is right in everything of course! Tongue

If you get the measurements that´s fantastic but you can also do a good ovservation by compare diagonal measurements between them...

You just have to think what you´re measuring.. if you want to measure the engine bay find reference points IN the engine bay metal sheet itself... Neither fenders nor shocks are going to be trully useful for what you want to find...

I´m not so sure in my mind what are the measurement points in the 71-73 but i recentrly measured my 1970 using some holes that are in the upper cowl area and crossing the measure to first fender mounting hole in the APRON...

Something like that using always engine bay reference point that of course are mirrored would be a nice point to start...

If you have problems in this measures then we have to see where does the problem starts... can be just a bad repaired apron or rad support or some rail or shock towers problem... Let´s be possitive Steve!!! Smile

Keep us informed!

Damián Cool

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