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Spring around the corner
After a 10 week break in the warmer Tenerife sun its time to look at the Mustang again. Will be working on recommisioning the heater and A/C. The heater box was stripped and a repacement heater core has been fitted last autumn. Evaporator core was tested and found to be leek free. A new blower motor and resistor were fitted. All metal components were replated. Heater box is now re-assembled.

A new compressor has arrived from U.S. A new heater valve and tempreature switch should be here in the next couple of days and the 4 reconditionedvacuum motors from Classic Auto Air should be here next week(stuck in customs)

When i bought the car the A/C was removed by PO so i still need to buy the nuts, bolts and brackets for the A/C under the hood. The ducting behind the dash is also something i need to purchase. Once i get these parts i can go ahead and remove the dash which i will strip down and respray along with all the trim that is the same color as the dash.

Before the Dash goes back the interior will be taken back to bare metal and resprayed. Will post updates and pictures as the work progresses.

1971 Grandé
Just a couple questions and some suggestions.
Did you pressure test the heater core before install? I have had two U.S.A. made heater cores that were bad out of the box. One I installed in a Ford van 1985 and you had to pull the dash to get it in. Got it all together and it leaked. When I took back out was inside the middle of the core I had not damaged it. Since then I always test them. I was putting new in my 73 vert with air and tested with 15 lbs. air pressure and boom a leak down in the middle of the core. Next one was good.
Also the chipmunks and mice love to get into the cowl area and build nests. They also get into the heater box and stink up the whole car. I put 1/4" mesh wire between the cowl and the heater box to stop them there. I also put the mesh under the cowl vent plastic covers. Wire tie it on and spray flat black and you cannot even see it. The only other place the critters can get in is the two drains on the cowl one on either side. I get the stainless steel scrubber pads and put some in each side to stop up that entry but still allow water to drain. You can put in from the cowl openings if fenders are on.
I switched my system to Duracool a refregirant from Canada that is much better the R12 or it's US replacement. It only takes a little more than one can to fill the system. You can order from their web site delivered to your home.
The one picture showing a next is looking from inside the car up through hole going to the cowl. This was in a parts car I tore down.
Some pictures of it all.
If you do not find the under dash vents I have a set already pulled out of car. PM if interested.

[Image: DSC-2186.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2188.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2215.jpg]

[Image: DSC-2216.jpg]

[Image: DSC-1796.jpg]

[Image: DSC00126.jpg]

[Image: 100-2920.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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Thanks David. I have tested the new heater core and its fine thankfully. I will be adding some mesh like the pictures you posted especially as the car won't do too many miles

1971 Grandé
Sorry, the title of this thread made me do it....

[Image: Spring-is-Just-Around-the-Corner.jpg]
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