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Sport Mirror Cable Routing
Hey there gang, I need a little help.

AS I am putting things back together I noticed the drivers side window hangs up on the side mirror cable on the way down.  Didn't have that problem before when the car was manual window, but the power window is not affecting that area.

Anyone know was the cable tied in front of the glass so it is always above the leading edge?  Is there another routing/tieoff to prevent this?


Yes. I had the same issue. If you look at the inside of the front door jamb near the top. You will see a tab with a hole in it. I wired tag (or use a plastic wire loop like the ones use on side marker wires) the mirror cable to it to clear up the problem. You can see the tab if you remove the rubber weather thing on the top front of the door jamb and look down the hole.

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Awesome, thanks!!

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