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Ok, so here's the deal...
Like so many of us in this hobby, I'm broke! I have all the knowledge, skill, and a decent plan in place to build my car, but no money to do it. I'm sure I speak for many of you when I say how incredibly frustrating it is! It's also rather irritating to flip through my new Mustang mags every month and see all these top dollar supercars! Where do they get the cash?!?! Has anyone ever known anyone who has, or has gotten any sponsorships themselves in the form of parts in exchange for vehicle exposure? It's something I've considered looking into in the past and never got very far. I'm thinking of re-visiting the idea and hitting the streets hard marketing my Obsidian71 project.
Anyone have any thoughts/comments/suggestions??? I can't be the only one here who's ever thought of this.

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-Chip Foose
Heard of it but know nobody that has gotten a thing from it
They typically want something the public is drawn to. Race cars!

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
You are actually better than most of us, you have the knowledge, skills and a serious plan of action. Unfortunately you are as broke as the rest of us!!

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Many years ago they would wrap VW Beetles and some other cars in an advertising wrap and the owner would get paid so much a month. I remember seeing them out on the highway. Not sure if they still do that. They called them Beetle Boards.


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upload a photo on internet

I've got a few buddies that tried that route and didn't get very far. Although it wasn't for lack of trying or exposure.
The problem is, you are looking for parts bartered for display only, which is what every race car owner wants as well. Unless your John Force or Chip Foose, parts stores ain't gonna give you parts for advertising.
One solid thing I've had success with, is watching C-list for people that want to trade car repairs for whatever they got. They pay for the parts, you do the repair and walk away with a big screen TV, or tires, or??? Then you flip that for sale on Clist and BAM you got $$$ to spend on your ride.
Takes a little time and effort, but then again, nothing worth having is free!

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