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Speedsters, Mustang/Rancheros, and Hide-away-headlights
Hey guys. Just playing on the drawing board and was wondering what our Mustangs would look like with hide-away-headlights in the same vein as the '69 Camaro. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch especially if you follow the '70 Mustang styling cues with the twin louvers outboard of the headlights and create sliding headlight covers with two slots. Since this modification may be best suited to a custom Stang how about a Speedster!

.jpg   oob.JPG (Size: 31.34 KB / Downloads: 299)
One in color.

.jpg   0005.JPG (Size: 12.97 KB / Downloads: 297)
Oh and to answer the question in a previous thread about a Mustang Ranchero and what it would look like?

.jpg   04b.JPG (Size: 20.88 KB / Downloads: 296)
And another one with the full Country Squire treatment.

.jpg   ooo2.JPG (Size: 23.21 KB / Downloads: 293)
Not as ungainly as one might think.
But I go back to the hide-way- headlight idea. I honestly think this one could be pulled off and look absolutely like factory option. Modify the headlight buckets to push them deeper into the grille cavity and build the headlamp doors to work with a suitable motor drive.

You're drawing skills are impressive. Too bad Ford didn't have you working back in the late 60's, when our cars were being designed.

BTW I really like the squire above.


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Absolutely amazing!
I threw the Ranchero idea in the ring in the other thread and I love the yellow one. Now, who can build me one?
The hidden headlights are kinda cool. I have a pic somewhere of a 71-73 mustang with a 68 Charger grille. Need to find it on my computer.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Check out my video:

Here's some '73 vintage Aussie Ford Landaus that had the flip headlight cover stying.(Sold as an upmarket styled Falcon)


.jpg   ford-landau_9eafe.jpg (Size: 64.07 KB / Downloads: 278)



That first Aussie Landau front end really looks like a 70-72 LTD. The direction of the hide-aways I'm going for is to use the existing grille hoop, set the lights farther back in relation to the grill and fashion headlight covers with translucent twin slots much like a '69 RS Camaro (oops there's that C word again) that allow the lamp to shine through in case the door will not open.
Cool I like the speedster. Our fastback cars look very lambo like in my mind your speedster does the same trick.

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I posted this one in a thread quite a while ago based on a '68 Camaro grille (ignore the headlight reflections in the bumper Dodgy )

It doesn't quite look right but I reckon the '69 Camaro grille concept in your drawings would look more natural on our cars.

[Image: 92ytF.jpg]

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
I always like the 1968 Ford XL my sister use to own with the hide-a-way headlights. Someone else liked them too; back in the 70's she came out of her apartment to the car one morning and someone had stolen the whole grill and headlight covers!

[Image: 68FordXL_zps6203bb16.jpg]

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upload a photo on internet

I was kind of fixated on the '69 Camaro styled grille but have to say that 68 style looks really cool. Makes the car look a mile wide. Nice.
Flatback72;160846 Wrote:I posted this one in a thread quite a while ago based on a '68 Camaro grille (ignore the headlight reflections in the bumper Dodgy )

It doesn't quite look right but I reckon the '69 Camaro grille concept in your drawings would look more natural on our cars.

[Image: 92ytF.jpg]

And as good as it looks, this demonstrates exactly why hide-away headlights do NOT belong on the '71-73s: It makes them look like a logical evolution of the first-gen Camaro:

[Image: 1967_red_Chevrolet_Camaro_RS_front.JPG]
Put a standard hood on the Mustang chop, and you'll be hard pressed to tell the two apart at first glance. Only the turn signal shape and the taller greenhouse on the Camaro are the giveaways.

The quad headlight setup in the top right prototype isn't bad though (and I bet Luxstang will love the hood scoop!):

[Image: WitzenburgMustang_04_1500.jpg]

Funny how the bottom left concept is undoubtedly the source by which Ford restyled the '73 turn signals due to the forced relocation. Note the bumper blackout.


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