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Speed Channel
Did anyone see the show on Speed Channel about the Ford Ecoboost? Man, that was crazy.

For those that didn't see it, they supposedly took a random Ecoboost engine off the production line, tested it for 100k miles by alternately freezing and thawing it while it was running, then put it in a truck, drove it to Oregon where some loggers abused it, THEN gave it to a Baja 1000 racer who tore it a new one. I may be missing some other tests, I don't know...

That was an amazing show.


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Heard about it, and read about the 24hr haul at Charlotte? towing a couple NASCARs... kind of makes you rethink 6 cylinders, doesn't it!
That was the test I was forgetting, hauling 2 Nascar race cars for 24 hours...damn! A full size truck with better mileage than a compact truck? Muy bueno!


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Is it the same Ecoboost that's in the Taurus SHO? (The only 4 door car I'd ever buy, BTW...LOL)

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I'm not sure, but here's a link to the program summary on Speed: Ecoboost torture test


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Very cool. The motor started in the Taurus SHO .
yeah it started in the Taurus and the Lincoln vehicles. There was also a 71 mustang on pinks all out with over 600 hp he made it to final 4 .


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72fastback;23764 Wrote:yeah it started in the Taurus and the Lincoln vehicles. There was also a 71 mustang on pinks all out with over 600 hp he made it to final 4 .

Think that was Pinks Bristol, Tn Big Grin
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