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Special "Thanksgiving" WFQ

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Special "Thanksgiving" WFQ

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we are posting this special VIP Weekly Fun Question (VIP WFQ) to give VIP Members the opportunity to "win" a $100.00 store credit with Ohio Mustang Supply (OMS).

Designed for "ENTERTAINMENT" purposes, this exercise is meant to give "VIP" Members the opportunity to test their knowledge on information relative to the '71 - '73 Mustangs. Along with the $100.00 OMS store award, the "Winner" will also have a nice Icon added to their profile. Additionally, the "Winner" will also have the opportunity to develop next week's regular WFQ, if he/she desires.

Keep in mind that sometimes there may be contradictory information provided by different sources relative to our Mustangs. We always try to ensure the VIP WFQs are developed from recognized sources. If a source provides different information than what we are looking for, we will more than likely go with the original source for the purpose of declaring a "Winner." That does not mean that we will not discuss the discrepancy as that could help enhance credibility and broaden the knowledge on the Site.

When you respond to this thread, you will not see your "answer" as the thread is designed to show the responses at the end of the current contest. Only the first response from a VIP Member to a specific question will be entertained as being correct. Edited responses will not count, so please make sure you are satisfied with your response before you post.[/b][/size] Also, please keep in mind that in order for responses to "count" they must be posted up to this thread. PMs to me will not do itSmile.

Even though there may have been a number of replies to the question, those replies may not necessarily be correct. It is to your benefit to submit a response even if it is a "Guess."

Today's contest will end at approximately 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, November 23, 2011.


The problem:

Please identify which of the following 429 equipped vehicles (if any) utilize an Intake Manifold that is NOT the same as the Intake Manifold found on a 1971 Mustang with a 429SCJ engine?

A. 1970 Fairlane

B. 1970 Montego

C. 1971 Cougar

D. None. All of the above use the exact same Intake Manifold as that found on a 1971 Ford Mustang with 429SCJ engine.

Good Luck!

The desired response is C. the 1971 Cougar, which was not available with the 429SCJ engine.

The only vehicles available with the optional 429SCJ engines in 1970 were the 1970 Fairlane and the 1970 Montego. In 1971, the Mustang was the only vehicle to receive the optional 429SCJ engine. There were a number of vehicles built with the optional 429CJ engine in 1971 to include the 1971 Cougar, 1971 Montego, 1971 Torino, 1971 Mustangs, and a number of Ford and Mercury cars that were made for Police usage.

One of the major differences between the 429CJ and 429SCJ engines is in the Intake Manifolds utilized. The 429SCJ engine came with an intake manifold drilled for the Holley 780cfm carburetor. The 429CJ engine came with the Rochester Quadrajet which has small primaries and large secondaries.

Sources: "44th Auto-Truck Interchange Edition, the Hollander" and " High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange" by George Reid

Do the RIGHT thing.
11-22-2011, 02:34 PM
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I'll go with D

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C. The '71 Cougar could come with 2 different intakes.

D0OE-9424-C (or -D)

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I'm going to take a guess with D.

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d. mike

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I guess D!

Damián Cool

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My answer is C , but i don't have any clue. Very good question!

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Per the rules, we do not normally accept edited responses to the questions. However, I have received a PM from a Member who picked up on something that may have caused confusion in the question.

While I still believe the intent is pretty clear, I have edited the initial post to add "429 equipped" within the question. This brings up a dilemma as there have been several responses to the question.

I have decided that the best way to handle it is to allow anyone who has already posted to submit another post if they want to change their initial response. I will still use their original posting time to determine who was First with the correct response, so DO NOT edit your initial post....just post up another response if you want to change it.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Do the RIGHT thing.
I am choosing D

Jeff T.

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