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speakers in the kick panels
Has anyone tried installing speakers in the kick panels of a 1973 fastback? It doesn't seem possible. It looks like the E brake would be in the way. I have some 5" Focals I want to install up front. Has anyone come up with any other inventive solutions? If so, please share. Thanks!!
there are some kick panels with molded speaker holders

most people have the door speakers which are low towards the foot well area almost in the same area as a kick panel speaker would be installed.

guy that installed them in his mustang
I believe the parking brake may be an issue with the kick panel speakers.

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I have a set of those Q-Logic speaker kick panels, and when I installed the driver side panel, the e-brake brushed against the panel itself - if that gives you any indication of just how close they are. Wink


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Hi there,

i wanted to install good front speakers to the kick panels in my '73 Vert, and went through all sorts of dramas. I finally came up with a plan and design that let me do this, but i had to seriously modify my foot brake pedal in the process.

This involved removing the whole pedal mechanism, and reshaping the straight lever arm so it became bent and offset to end up sitting much further into the cabin and away from the kick panel. Cutting and welding was carried out to do this. The end result was a good one, with the pedal being very strong and functional as well.So problem solved for me.thumb

Reference - See my sound system install on Photo bucket. The pics should tell the story.Click on Albums in the left hand column, and open up all headings till you get to the last one which is my sound system collection of photos.


Many thanks,


What about just using longer mounting bolts and standoffs for the e-brake bracket to space it away from the kick panel?

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Great ideas guys! Now I'm all fired up to get under there to see what I can make work!! Thank you!!
Take your front seats out, it is much easier that way.

Great idea about spacing out the e brake assembly. On the other hand you could ditch the console and add a tunnel mounted parking brake.

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Another great idea I hadn't thought of Jeff! I removed the console on the hump, so I have lots of room. I'm so far along at this point though I'm more inclined to try using spacers and longer bolts to move the e-brake over. I'll try to document and post everything when I'm done. Thanks everybody!!
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